Petit Vour October 2015

Yesterday I received my first ever beauty box. So exciting!

Recently, I discovered – or I should really say that I allowed myself to discover and care, that the make up I was buying was going towards companies that test on animals and the pain that I was causing them just so I could make myself feel prettier, to make my self esteem higher (not to mention all the toxic stuff I was putting on my skin). Since then, I have been in search of makeup that was cruelty free and non toxic (or less toxic?).
It is a tedious task to realize that almost all my makeup products belong to companies that test on animals and will need to be replaced – ALL MY PRETTY NAIL POLISHES 😥 I have been collecting them for years!! Almost 200 bottles of different shades of pretty. But the advice I read on one of the vegan/cruelty free beauty sites was to do these in small batches, so that’s what I am doing. As my current products are coming to an end, start to research the cruelty free version of it. Currently, I am in the search for a face moisturizer (Vichy), mascara (L’Oreal), and eye liner (Stila).
Stila makes me sad. I have weird eyes and no matter what I do, with primer or no primer, eye make up does not stay on me. Stila was the first one to actually stay put!
Anyway, in my many researches, I discovered that there were companies that actually put together boxes of cruelty free, vegan, all natural products. Essentially, it takes all the hard work out for me and I can just enjoy and be exposed to basically a new world for me. Plus, what a fun way to discover new make up products! Every month, I get a little box of surprise, yay! And for a small price, I can test out items and see if I love them before committing to the often expensive full priced product. So I decided on Petit Vour since I loved all the reviews they were getting and the products that they had been sending out.

This month came with a bottle of nail polish by Habit, I got Disco which was a shimmery champagne-y colour. I had already done up my nails, so I haven’t really tried it yet. But I used it to add extra polka dots to what I had already done, and I love it. I’m excited to actually use it for next week’s nails of the week!
There was also a sample bottle of Ursa Major face wash. I was super surprised with this. It smells so good!! And it actually took all my makeup off!! Usually I need to do a second cleaning with eye cleanser on the waterproof eyeliner. But this one just took it all right off. When I’m done with the Vichy one I was using before and this sample, I am definitely going to get myself a full sized bottle!!
There was a Hana Organic Skincare Eye Oil. This one I have not used yet. I’ve never used an eye oil before and I don’t know why, but the thought of putting oil around my eyes scare me a bit. When I get over this, I will update again.
The final product included was the Essence of Vali in Sleep. Also have not used yet. I’m not a huge aromatherapy person, and I definitely do not need help getting to sleep (mostly because I have all my tv shows to watch and I get up so early, so by 11pm, I am dead tired anyway and I’m out the moment my head hits that pillow!). When I use this (maybe on a weekend or something), I will update on how well it works!

For now, I am entirely excited with my first box. I can’t wait to get future boxes and seeing what else will be in store for me.


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