DWTS – 11.03.15 (picture heavy)

Omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. I know each week I keep saying the same thing: “omg this is Nick’s best dance ever!” But this week, seriously, was THE best dance ever. And come on, it earned him (finally!!) the perfect fan score! Congratulations to the best team ever for the best dance ever!


Watching this week’s opening credits was hard. Hearing what Nick and Lauren had gone through this past year, made me so sad and teary-eyed. I can’t even imagine how hard it was for them to go through that. By the time they got to the dance, I was bawling my eyes out. The dance it self was just so beautiful. I love when they do dances like these. There is something so beautiful about it. I can’t really describe it.


I love watching them dance this week. I mean, I always love watching Nick dance because, Nick. But this week they were absolutely mesmerizing to watch. They were so in sync and so fluid and seemed to be gliding, floating. She just seems so graceful and Nick so gentle but strong. The crazy lifts…


I love how Nick was so emotional and how he fell to his knees at the end of the dance. To be fair, Nick is always really emotional and he’s always falling to his knees in emotion during BSB ballads. But I feel like, this was a different emotional. Like the I need to go to my wife right now and kiss her type of emotion. Which he did.


I love how this dance made all the judges emotional, with Bruno calling this Nick’s love poem in the form of dance. I love that Carrie Ann was all choked up, especially since she has been hardest on Nick, even though it’s for his own benefit. And I’m excited to see how this will translate to his dances with the Boys in future.
I love that they loved it as much as we did and earning them the perfect score (and immunity for the dance off! – though to be fair, I kinda wanted to see Nick and Sharna in the dance off).


But most of all, I loved that they shared with us that they were going to have a little (backstreet) boy! I am so happy for him and Lauren that he is going to get to be a dad. That he is going to be able to have the “perfect movie family” that he didn’t get growing up. I can’t believe that this man, whom I have loved since I was 12 years old, who is this crazy, zany, goofy, dorky, prankster is going to be a dad. But I cannot wait to meet mini Nick.  It’s like BSB: the next generation is now going to be complete.


And lastly, I love that AJ keeps his title as the rebel of the group by being the only Boy in the group to have a daughter, even with Kevin and Howie having had second babies.



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