AOS 11.04.15

My Thoughts on Tonight’s Episode:


You know, I’m sad that Supernatural is now on Wednesdays, but at least these means that I get to watch AOS. I was missing it last year. Except now I have to miss CM 😦

I really do like Daisy’s short hair.

Damn. May and Bobbi fight. That was pretty awesome. Should have known there was a reason behind May’s attack.

Shield and Hydra after him. I almost feel bad for the kid too. Especially since that Agent happens to be May and she has REALLY good reason to go after him.

I love Fitz!!

Omggg Hunter…I can’t decide if that was awesome or if you’re going to get everyone killed. Probably both.

Hunter? Anger management issues?

I don’t like this whole Coulson vs Daisy thing. I want them to be all fatherly/daughterly again!

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ANDREW IS THE KILLING THING?!?! FREAKING HELL JOSS!! OMGGggggg why are you doing this to me??? I’m assuming it’ll be another while before we find out why Andrew set the place on fire. Oh May. I can’t deal with that look!!!

They’re really throwing the bombshells on this one. Daisy hiding Lincoln. Andrew is a freaking killer. What is going on?? Why are you doing this?

I have to say, with each episode of AOS, I’m more and more drawn in to this world. It always leaves me needing to know what happens next. I am not looking forward to the hiatus. But that does mean that Agent Carter will be on, so that will be exciting!  But damn, next week’s episode looks really good.


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