Limitless 11.04.15

My Thoughts on Tonight’s Episode:

Oh no. Day off and he gets in trouble. Poor Brian.

Omgg the CIA kidnapped Brian? The FBI are not going to be happy.

I enjoy Brian re-naming people. Ike and Mike 🙂

Side note: Kensi is sleeping on my hand and it’s making it really hard to type.

I don’t trust these guys talking to Brian. I feel like they’re up to no good.

Oh damn. Agent Harris is tough.

It’s really annoying that Global makes the tv shows so quiet and the commercials so loud. I keep having to turn my volume up and down and up and down.

I love that Brian has the super smarts and could use the ability to do anything, and he chooses to do good. To save lives. Which I guess is why Bradley Cooper tapped him to work with him.
I wonder if they will ever do a story line where he goes bad. I guess we’ll see if this makes it past the first season.

Woah, they just added a new aspect to the show. I like that they have introduced the fact that he doesn’t always see himself when he’s on the nzt. It’ll be interesting to see who else he sees and when when he’s on nzt.

Brian: “Everything’s supposed to work out for me” Agent Harris: “No, you have to make it work.”

That’s how you’re going to end it?? What happens to the guy?????


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