NCIS 11.04.15

My Thoughts on Tonight’s Episode:

I feel like Bishop is really tempting fate calling it a quiet day so many times.

Gibbs approves of manicures? I don’t know why it doesn’t surprise me. It actually surprises me that Tony doesn’t approve.

Gibbs wisdom: The next time you feel lonely, read a book.

Tony got himself an “owie”. I appreciate Bishop 🙂

Also, note to self, banana peels for splinters. And how has Abby not aged??

Ha! Tony is not having any luck with trees today.

Judith McKnight: “you have a very commanding voice and big hands.” Bishop: “oh boy.”

Gibbs: “Who are you?” Lyle: “I’m Lyle.” Gibbs: “Shut up Lyle.”
Yup. Gibbs really doesn’t play well with others….

Haha you would think that Gibbs would have learned by now to lock his door. It’s not really to keep out the bad guys. But it would help keep out the likes of these guys!

I love how Gibbs takes care of Abby.

Hahahaha Gibbs is going to be so mad at McGee for teaming up with this lady!

I will always love Abby’s parasol.

Abby: “I’m the one who put you in here.” guy (?): “no, you’re the one who got me out.” I love how much Abby cares that she’s putting the right people away.


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