Beef-less Mandarin Teriyaki

I could be wrong, but I feel like there are not a lot of vegan Cantonese meals. So I have been playing a bit so that I can still have my traditional Cantonese meals and stay vegan.  Of course right now I am in that transitional stage, so not all my meals are fully vegan/vegetarian. Like with sauces and stuff, I’m sure some of them have some sort of animal bits in there. I just don’t care right now until I get to the end to know if it’s something I can continue to use or not.

Anyway. This is my mandarin beef teriyaki.

1 package Gardein beef-less tips
3 mandarin oranges (peeled and sectioned)
1 cup edamame beans
1 cucumber
mandarin teriyaki sauce
salt and pepper
white rice

Cook rice in non-stick pot (or rice cooker). Add enough water so that when you put your hand on top of the rice, the water sits on top of the back of your hand. Let it boil and when water evaporates entirely, take it off of the stove (don’t let it sit there it it’ll burn)
Heat the oil and add garlic. Let it cook a little until fragrant.
Add the Beef-less tips, cook for about five minutes and then add everything else.
Cook for another five – ten minutes, add mandarin teriyaki sauce.
Spoon rice on to plate and add beef-less mandarin to the side.


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