All American

allamericaSo Nick has announced and confirmed that his new cd, All American, comes out on November 25th. THAT IS JUST ONE WEEK AWAY!! I am so excited for this album.  I know that his last solo work came out in 2011 and it’s really hasn’t been that long since I last saw him in concert (just last year with Jordan Knight!) but it’s still exciting to see what he has in store for us.

Seriously, if it’s anything like his single, I Will Wait, this new album is going to be one of my favourites already. This man is so incredibly talented, I always look forward to what he does next.

March 17th 2016, he will be in Toronto for his concert. I have already booked the day off of work for this. My boss thinks I’m crazy, but I love listening to this man sing, I love watching him on stage. I can not wait for 2016! He’s playing at the Phoenix, which is new, but cannot wait (trying really hard to not over use the !!)!

Tickets go on sale this Friday and I can feel the excitement and stress of getting those tickets mounting in me!! It’s the same every single time around, although these last few times is much less stressful since it’s all standing room anyway. It’s really when the Backstreet Boys tickets go on sale that tension is high to try and get the best seats! I’ll want to get the VIP tickets though, that is going to be the AHHHHHH moment. Hopefully it doesn’t sell out that quickly!
Unfortunately, I booked my car appointment to get the winter tires changed on the same day :/ it’s not until 1030am, but depending on how these tickets go, I might be a little bit late!! I’ll just need to re-schedule a few things (every time, re-scheduling my life around for these guys…geez!!) the night before, but nothing is going to stop me!! 🙂

Also randomly, I came across this nchdpicture of Nick and Howie today when I was looking something else up. I do not know what is going on, how this happened, or really how I’ve never seen this picture of the two of them before until today, but it just makes me so very happy. Poor Howie D, always being messed around with by Nick and if I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure that that is AJ in the background helping out!


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