QOTD – 11.18.15

don't worry

Today’s qotd is going to touch on worrying. Because I am so guilty of this. I worry about everything and nothing. I get it from my grandma who is also like this: “You live alone, someone is going to rob you!!” “You’re taking the bus at night, someone is going to kidnap you!” “You’re working the night shift, you’re going to get killed!!” I’m not even making these up. These are actual things my grandma has said to me.

I also feel like with all the crime drama shows that I watch, that my mind can’t help but jump to the worst morbid conclusion possible whenever anything happens. Like there’s be a few times where I haven’t heard back from the bff within 24 hours (which is VERY rare) and I immediately panic that she’s dead in a ditch and all the manners that could have led her down that way. Then she messages and she was out of batteries and left her charger at work and I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.

I’m trying to not become like my grandma. I hope I don’t end up like her. Sometimes though, I just leap at the worst thoughts possible and I have to remind myself to slow down and let’s think about this logically.


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