DWTS – 11.23.15

Well stupid abc was playing football so I completely missed the freaking finale of dwts. I was only able to YouTube #teamsharnick’s dances this morning. The only thing I knew was that Nick was safe last night!! But how was he even in the bottom two?? There is no freaking way!! Just like I do not believe for a second that Nick and Bindi were bottom two last week!!
Anyway…can I just say, with regards to Nick’s two dances last night that omg. That man is incredible and I adore Sharna for everything she has done with Nick this past few months to get him to where he is. I mean, that man is on fire! Did you guys see him???



And then he did LTL!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Also I was so glad to see Val as part of the professional dancers that Nick used. I have a special place in my heart for #teamvalentay. And guys, I think BSB needs to steal some of these moves that Nick has been bringing to DWTS.
I want this win for Nick and Sharna. I don’t know why it hit me so strongly last night that I would be really upset if Nick and Sharna loses. I even, for the first time ever, reached out to my friends and family to get them to help me vote. It’s not much, but I hope it’ll help in whatever small way possible.


I had a very weird night last night. I had four dreams. All four dreams were essentially the same. All four dreams were about Nick Carter and Sharna winning that mirror ball trophy. I feel like Bindi and Derek are going to take it, but the Backstreet Army are going to put up a good fight, we’re going to win that trophy like it’s the freaking 90’s and up for an MTV music award!! So everyone go and vote!! Nick and Sharna made us proud!! Now let’s go make him proud, let’s win him the mirror ball!! Plus AJ’s promised they’ll bring it on their next tour with them and dance around it – we all want to see that!!


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