DWTS – finale

  • Omg I can’t even handle this right now. And we’re just at the ending credits for Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving!!
  • It’s STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I miss Andy!
  • And Hayes!
  • Also love Val’s basically constant open shirt!! 🙂
  • Aww Carlos! 😦
  • when they say choreographed by Mandy Moore, I’m assuming they don’t mean my pop singer Mandy Moore???
  • Awww BOOOOOOO I thought all of them were performing at the Grove!
  • Nick Carter looks good in red.
  • I LOVE Sharna’s pep talk at the beginning and near the end of the dance!!
  • I love Bindi and Derek’s friendship throughout this journey. It’s so beautiful to watch!
  • That’s too bad, it would have been fun to watch Chaka Khan dance.
  • That Breaking Bad dance was the best dance – after Nick and Sharna’s of course. I loved that it was just so cool looking.
  • Karina Smirnoff is a freaking amazon women. Seriously.
  • All Access: NICK GOT A DANCEY LIKE THE DUNDEES!! I’m dying – haha for being a goof!! He has the best laugh ever! Also kale baby food, that face is priceless. I hope every fan brings him a bottle of it at his VIPs next year!! (Also, seriously, let the boyband boy win!! It’s about time!!)
  • Carlos and Alek omgg are so adorable. Bromancing ❤
  • Omggg I love watching Nick Carter dance. He is just so fantastic to watch! That Downtown Abby waltz was just so mesmerizing to watch, doubly so the second time around. Nick look good in that tux man. The #teamsharnick are totally right, he does look like Jack from Titanic.
  • “Heck yeah!” – Nick Carter re: do you want to win. How freaking cute was his heck yeah????
  • I miss Andy, I really like that song. After he was eliminated, I was totally on an Andy Grammer marathon. Had him playing the whole time I was at work for a week.
  • Alek is adorable, but he is not a dancer. His dancing is not smooth, it’s jaggy and not flowy at all. I know he’s got all the Army behind him, which is what has kept him in the running. But he’s really not that good. Which I feel so guilty in saying :/
  • Omggg I forgot how amazing Nick Carter’s Backstreet’s Back dance was!!! Seriously, all the fangirl feels. Backstreet Boys saved my life – Nick Carter. ❤
  • And that Disco-y dance. God he was John Travolta. Olivia Newton John is like the sweetest person alive.
  • Hayes is adorable!
  • yayy I’m so glad they did the breaking bad dance, seriously one of my favourites!
  • LOL I can totally see Nick Carter totally sprawled out and snoring haha!!
  • That pull jump move, from Derek and Bindi, was pretty freaking cool
  • Roses and Violet. I need to remember to buy it.
  • Watching Val and Emma dance, that was so pretty. Honestly, new appreciation for ballroom dancing.
  • Chaka Khan and Andy Grammer duet ❤
  • Hahahaha we don’t want Nick to tuck in his butt!! :/
  • Um that was the most freaking amazing dance in the freaking world!! They have been holding out on us! Those freaking lifts and twirls and that drop at the end. I can’t even right now. I’m still stuck on that dance.
  • Nick is such an adorable dork!! And Victor Espinoza laughing at the back. I can’t even handle it.
  • Alek and Whitney look out of sync.
  • I’m so nervous…first elimination up next :/ It has to be Alek, leaving Bindi for second place, Nick for first 🙂
  • OMGGGGG Nick singing I Will Wait For You, I’m in tears. Will I ever be able to listen to this without tears in my eyes?? I can’t wait to see him perform live even more now. I can’t wait for the album to drop tonight!!! Midnight.
  • Alek has to be third. Nick and Bindi had perfect scores.
  • Ok. Alek is third. I had to shout at my tv for them to say the name already. I couldn’t take that tension and anxiety.
  • Nick and Bindi going for first place next. OMGGGG it has all come down to this moment.
  • Omg. It’s time. It’s time!!! I’m shaking!!

Well, Nick and Sharna came in second, but in my eyes and in my heart, they are the winners. Super happy for Bindi and Derek, we all saw that coming a mile away. Disappointed that we’re second, but taking the road that Nick and Sharna has set. I couldn’t be more proud of the journey Nick has take on DWTS, his ability to open up and letting us all into his life, into his heart. I love watching him improve, I love watching him dance, and above all I loved seeing the determination and the passion he had for each dance. He was so amazing and had so much fun along the way. I’m so sad that this is the last week and there will be no more dances!! Because that last number was a-FREAKING-mazing!! I cannot wait to see how being on DWTS will change his life as a Backstreet Boy and in his solo career. Nick and Sharna are my winners. They were my winners since day one and until the day I die, Nick will always be a winner to me.

Just 45 more minutes and I will be able to listen to Nick Carter’s new album. What a way to celebrate 2nd place ❤



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