NCIS – 11.24.15

  • That’s so sad! She’s going to lose her son and now she’s lost her daughter. I got all teary eyed!!
  • I love the NCIS holiday themes! They’re so fun.
  • Poor Palmer! I love when they talk about Gibbs and he’s just right behind them. It always happens to Palmer and DiNozzo.
  • I’m interested to see where Bishop’s story goes. I thought for sure she was leaving the show. I was just starting to like her, since Ziva’s departure. No one can replace Ziva, like no one can replace Kate.
  •  (I’m a nervous bundle of energy, awaiting for the results of DWTS)
  • omggg how cute are Abby’s pumpkin poxies (spelling??)??
  • FORNELL!! It’s been so long!!
  • “It’s a very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo”
  • I love how Gibbs takes care of his people. He’s hard on them, but when they need the love, Gibbs has an abundance of love to give out…in his own special way!!
  • Is Bishop allowed to do that with her brother in the room?? Isn’t that classified information??
  • Palmer puns!!
  • It makes me so sad every time a parent asks if he has children, or if he knows what it’s like to lose a child.
  • (I can’t deal with this stress of sitting for two hours to see where #teamsharnick comes in!! #teamsharnick take that trophy!! [positive thoughts positive thoughts!!])
  • Tony and Fornell interrogating is so much fun to watch
  • family fight with Gibbs in the middle, not awkward at all. And saved by the phone call.
  • Is Gibbs, Mr. Silent, asking Bishop to talk about her feelings?? Though, that’s true, Gibbs has started talking.
  • Rule #28: when you need help ask. I love Gibb’s rules.
  • Damnnnn Fornell pulled a Gibbs. Someone has to, with Gibbs with Bishop.
  • “Don’t let a bad situation define who you are.” – Bishop
  • Bahahaha now that Fornall and Tony are friends…
  • “I wasn’t leaving here without you.” – Gibbs to Bishop.
  • and now I nee to go and die….Niiiiiiick!

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