Petit Vour – November 2015

I came home last night and picked up my Petit Vour from my security. If there’s something I absolutely love about my condo building is that security accepts all of my packages for me (and I order online A LOT.) so that I never miss a package again, or have to make my way to a post office again to pick up my missed packages.

This month’s theme was Give Thanks. I love that Petit Vour always have an adorable card to go with their boxes. This box came with some extra stuff that I had ordered with this month’s box.


In this box, there was a Modern Minerals Lip Gloss in Violet Rose. I love lip glosses. I have a fairly large collection, as most girls do. This colour is so pretty, it’s this pretty pink with a gold shimmer. It’s not sticky or anything. I am totally loving it.

There was also a Dry Shampoo Powder by One Love Organics. I haven’t used this yet. I don’t use dry shampoo much now with short hair, I’m always using products in my hair so I’m always washing it. I’m starting to grow it out, so maybe when that happens, I’ll start using dry shampoo again. Before I was using Batiste Dry Shampoo and I loved it, so I’m sure I’ll love this too!

Next is a Pelle Beauty beauty balm. It’s supposed to be an intense moisture nourishing balm that keeps you face soft and protects your face with lots of antioxidant-rich ingredients. I just had to try it cause it just smells so good. It made my face so smooth all into the next day. Though I have no idea if it is the balm or the lotion (below). Either way, it was so lovely! I’ll save it now that I’ve tried it until I finish the Fresh face oil sample I had gotten from Sephora before I went cruelty free.

The final item in this box is a Stress Less Organic Body Oil by Organic Bath Co. I also have not used this yet, but I think that I’ll try this out tonight after a nice shower.


With my extra items I ordered: there was a Blissoma cream, Pure, that is supposed to be good for several different skin types. I used this last night and this morning and already it’s starting to make my dry face feel moisturized. It goes on a little funny, maybe I’m used to the chemically ones, I don’t know. It does feel a little oily at first, but then it just feels soft and smooth and moisturized.

I have been looking for a cruelty free mascara and everyone seems to agree that Lily Lolo is one of the best ones. So far I like it. I’ve only had it on for a few hours, waiting to see if it’ll bleed off my eyes like the other non-waterproof ones I’ve used before.

Finally, I wanted to try another non-toxic nail polish and everyone has really nice things to say about lauren b. Calabasas Cash, which is this gorgeous emerald green colour. I’m going to use it for my nails of the week this week.

It was a big haul this month, I am excited with all the things I got in the Petit Vour box and with the items I ordered. I want to play with everything but I’m saving them as I use up other items. It’s a good thing I just bought (and built) the Alex drawer to put all my fun beauty things with 🙂 I just need to find a way to organize them! There has been a lot of tutorials online that I really like. I’ll just need some time to do something without.


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