On My Bookshelf pt 2

On my second shelf are basically all my other books by Meg Cabot:


1-800-Where Are You Series:
– When Lightening Strikes
– Code Name Cassandra
– Safe House
– Sanctuary
– Missing you

The Mediator Series:
– Shadowland
– Ninth Key
– Reunion
– Darkest Hour
– Haunted
– Twilight

As Patricia Cabot:
– Kiss the Bride
– Where Roses Grow Wild
– Educating Caroline

All American Girl Series:
– All American Girl
– Ready or Not

Avalon High Series:
Avalon High
Avalon High Coronation 1
Avalon High Coronation 2

Victoria and the Rogue
Nicola and the Viscount

Queen of Babble Series:
Queen of Babble
Queen of Babble In the Big City
Queen of Babble Gets Hitched

Airhead Series:
Being Nikki

Heather Wells Mysteries Series:
Size 12 is Not Fat
Size 14 is Not Fat Either
Big Boned
Sized 12 and Ready to Rock
The Bride Wore Size 12

Teen Idol
How to Be Popular
Pants on Fire

So I’m realizing that as I put books away, I have a lot of “series” books. I like books that don’t end, I like knowing what happens to my characters and how they develop, what happens next in the chapter. It makes me sad when books end and I’ll never find out what happens next to the characters.
It’s like when my shows end, you get attached to your characters and now I’ll never know what happens to them. How did they live out the rest of their lives?? What else have they gone through? Like CSI NY, what happens to Mac? What was the wedding like? What happens to Lindsay and Danny? How did their kid grow up? What trouble did they give to their parents and their little CSI family?
I hate endings.


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