Agents of SHIELD – 12.01.15

  • I still can’t decide about Rosalind…but I love Coulson. I mean, does anyone NOT like Coulson
  • Pshh showoff. But OMGGgggg Hydra Ward. Coulson is going to killlll youuuu
  • Coulson is a freaking badass. Guys, he fought with the Avengers. You can’t touch him.
  •  (commercial break: is it weird that I never saw the original xfiles, but I’m kind of excited about the new reincarnation of it??)
  • I can’t believe this story line of NASA and Hydra
  • AHHHHH too much is happening too fast!! But wow. Coulson stepping down for nowto cross some lines…Mack is in charge…ahhhh!
  • Damn freaking helllll Ward stole fitzsimmons!!
  • Ward – the king idiot
  • Damnit…why do you always insist on hurting fitzsimmons???
  • Fitzzzz don’t say anything!!!
  • Lol, at Thomas Ward’s words: “you better finish him.” Off of Coulson’s look, Hunter: “honestly, I wasn’t expecting that.”
  • OOOOooooohhhhhh are they going to use the inhumans??? Because that would be pretty freaking awesome!
  • omgg they are!!
  • Oh Fitz…I can’t handle this
  • Mack just gave a very rousing speech. Not Captain America good, or Aragorn good, but still pretty good.
  • Don’t let them go Coulson!!
  • SHIIIIIIIIT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????!!!! Coulson just went right in.
  • You can’t take Coulson out with a freaking rock!! He’s an Avenger!!! 😦
  • omg. I can’t!! This is too much!!! I can’t wait until next week’s AOS!!
  • Also boo that we don’t get to watch the inhumans fight. Next week!!

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