Bullet Journal

Today in my random wandering of Pinterest, I came upon this thing called a bullet journal. Apparently this has been going on for awhile? I mean I’ve been sort of doing something similar in my agenda. I make lists and notes and add in lots of post it notes with different lists and project plans I have since I never have enough room in the agenda. That or it spills into the the next day. I doodle a lot and keep a lot of my mementos in there. Like ticket stubs to movies, or like this year my bff took me on a scavenger hunt, so I have mementoes from that, or from the Supernatural convention that we went to. But it’s not enough. I’ve been looking for a better way and bam! it just falls right into my lap.

My coworker saw me looking this stuff up and now she’s all into it. She LOVES it because every single day of her life is made into several lists on post it notes. She even makes lists for me on things that I need to do during my shift. She’s excited to start AND she just bought a book from Indigo today. I told her I wanted to buy a sketchbook, I have a lot of past diaries that I write in in sketchbooks and it also has some of my sketches. She’s not very creative, so she doesn’t really care about that component, colour coding is about as creative as she gets!

I’m so excited to try this out. I have a notebook that I’ve been using to keep my journal and notes in right now. So I’m starting December in my note book to work out the kinks. I just ordered my notebook and I’m excited to start it out in the new year! I’m picking up a lot of tips from Pinterest and Googling and certain people who have taken the original concept and made it work for them; I’m planning on incorporating them into my own bullet journal as well as adding my own thing into it. It’s so hard when you see so many great ideas and you want to add them ALL into your own. I love the flexibility of this though, so I’m sure whatever I have set up now is not going to last and it’ll continuously evolve as I evolve and grow.

Will update more when I start 🙂


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