The Flash – 12.01.15

I’m finally getting to watch The Flash live! Usually NCIS is on and NCIS comes first.

  • Barry, cutting it close there!! Need to be faster!
  • Can I just say right here that I LOVE Tom Cavanagh? Like LOVE him. Ever since Love Monkey. I love him as JD’s brother on Scrubs. I love him now on The Flash and how he has changed from good Dr. Wells to evil Dr. Wells to Earth 2 Dr. Wells. He is so fascinating to watch to me.
  • LOL I love Felicity. I have to admit that I haven’t caught up with the Arrow yet, waiting for Summer to just binge it all.
  • Don’t you get cold? Dude I don’t get cold.
  • she is my new beautiful friend who kisses me hahahaha
  • Uh did we know that Barry could draw?? Did I miss something?
  • “this is what my help looks like”
  • The Flash vs Arrow bantering!! I love it!!
  • I feel like Oliver is jinxing himself…this is tv after all and when has happy things ever happened to my tv shows…
  • the fight was so freaking amazing. Are you kidding me??!! I love the Flash just running and getting the weapons and saving everyone and then he goes down. It shouldn’t have been funny, but it was…
  • OMGGGGGG John Barrowmannnnn…though he’ll always be Captain Jack Harknass to me ❤
  • um Oliver riding and shooting arrows is pretty freaking hot.
  • Guys!! You’re on the same side!! Just talk to each otherrr!
  • I can’t believe she shot him wtf???
  • hahahahahahahahahaha…is that the only way he knows how to enter a room?!?? I love Barry…
  • “I get that you’re desperate to help and you want to be the hero and you want to save her yourself, but I think she has to have a part in it too.” – Oliver
  • “I just never thought that I’d have super powers and feel more powerless than I ever in my entire life.” – Barry
  • “I just like to speed into a room usually.” haha oh Flash, you’re funny.

I cannot wait for tomorrow’s crossover finale on The Arrow…though I think I have another show at the same time. I have too many shows, I cannot keep track of it all.
I think this might be something I should keep track of in my bullet journal!! 🙂


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