Supernatural – 12.02.15


  • so how do we even get a Supernatural and The Arrow crossover to happen? Is this a thing??
  • I can’t imagine that not being traumatizing, seeing your childhood friend murdered….
  • I was just going to ask how Sam missed a table full of candies.
  • hahahaha Sam just punches out his imaginary childhood friend
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA I can’t….I’m dying….Dean meeting Sully…
  • I can’t this episode….”I’m gonna get my gun.” – Dean’s solution for everything! So I guess the lesson is don’t surprise the Winchesters unless you wanna get punched in the face..or shot
  • directed by Richard Speight Jr card just came on ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Hahaha Dean having to say the name Sparkle
  • Dean is Mr. ROGERS!!!
  • a Manicorn…oh Dean. You should be the namer of all things.
  • I love how Dean and Sam/Jensen and Jared are so in sync sometimes
  • “Even when he’s dead, Sparkle can’t stop shinning” haha
  • hahahahahahaha “she’s got Sparkle on her face!!!” I am in tears with this episode!!
  • omg a mermaid…pretty!! But of course she dies.
  • why Supernatural? Why do you keep traumatizing us??
  • Awwwwww “I gotta stay strong for Sam” Sully still taking care of Sammy!!
  • “Because imaginary friends have boyfriends now.”
  • I can’t deal with Dean this episode!! He’s killing me with his one liners
  • I love the flashbacks of Sam and Dean as kids
  • ย “My fat saved me”…omgg seriously. How does this show even exist??
  • I love that the imaginary friends know about Sam.
  • but awwwww Sam ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m tearing up here!!
  • Sully is telling Sam he did good! That’s what Sam needs to hear – someone telling him that he did good and that he’s a hero!! I am in tears right now with the little heart to heart between Sam and Sully.
  • On a side note, while I wait for Mark Pellegrino to show up on Supernatural, I’ll enjoy watching him on Quantico ๐Ÿ™‚ Although every time he shows up, I just keep thinking, Lucifer…
  • Only Supernatural has me laughing until I’m crying and then actually crying because it’s so sad and heartbreaking.
  • Dean, you really need to lock your phone or something.
  • And please do not let Sully die! He’s what Sam needs!! Don’t destroy Sam!
  • a rare happy ending on Supernatural
  • Sam: “Heroes aren’t perfect” Sully:”Sometimes they’re scared. but that just means the thing that they’re facing, it’s super important. And no body else is going to go for it because nobody else has got the balls.”

This was such an amazing episode of Supernatural! One of the (good) weirdest. I loved that it had all the elements of being absolutely insane (imaginary friends are real!!), in tears hilarious (um, Dean. Dean was all comedy this week), and also gut wrenchingly heart breaking (Sam. Sam regretting being mean to Sully. Sully telling Sam what his dad wouldn’t tell him – that he was proud of Sam and what he had grown up to do. Sam confiding in Sully on what he needs to do, that he’s scared and Sully basically telling Sam that it’s ok – like just stab me in the heart, it would probably hurt less).

And Richard Speight Jr did a freaking amazing job directing! They did good. I also love that this season was about returning to the basics – just two brothers on the road, saving people, hunting things. ๐Ÿ™‚



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