The Arrow – 12.02.15

Well, I don’t usually watch The Arrow, I save it all for the summer and binge watch it. It’s too anxiety inducing for me and I need to watch it in one go! But tonight I make an exception to find out what happens from last night’s episode!

Though to be honest, I am so caught up in what is going on with this manhunt for this last suspect in the San Bernadino shooting.

  • um. damn. so many secrets coming out…
  • Barry, you suck at keeping people’s secrets.
  • why does basically every man (on tv) who finds out that they have a kid, suddenly HAVE to be in the lives of the girl and the kid that has done so well without them all this time? Just cause the offspring has your dna does not make you a dad. Doesn’t give you the right to force yourself into their lives. In Oliver’s case, sure he’s changed, but she spent the past 9 years taking care of this child. Oliver has no rights to this kid. ok, done rant.
  • oh damnnnnnnnnn…time travelling Barry!!
  • anti Gandalf gloves!
  • haha Cisco!! I think  you might be the only person to get away with calling Oliver, cupid.
  • this is the helping you sprout wings talk. Cisco is pretty freaking amazing. He gives good inspirational sprout your wings talks.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA Barry!! I’m fast enough to hug you without you knowing it…
  • oh gawwwwd….why????

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