NCIS:LA – 12.07.15

I totally forgot that NCIS:LA is on tonight!

  • ahh Deeks is arrested! I almost forgot!! It happens when you have so many shows you can barely keep track of what happened on what. This is going to be an interesting episode.
  • It’s been awhile since Callen’s slept on that couch in hq
  • hahaha Sam with the tough love…Callen’s longest relationship will be with a couch, but he’ll always have Sam ❤
  • That’s a good question, why did they only charge Deeks now?
  • What does Hetty know?? She always knows something more!!
  • “The truth doesn’t take sides, Mr. Callen.” – Hetty
  • Deeks is always such a smart mouth.
  • “That’s because I am a lawyer,” – Deeks
  • Quinn escaped and Deeks gets arrested. Coincidence or not??
  • Deeks gets his coffee…not good apparently 🙂
  • Honestly, Deeks is such a smartass. Hilarious, but they’re not going to be happy with him.
  • But it’s about time they explore this story!!
  • I love Deeks’ mom, “Martinn?” but I’m annoyed she was so interfering!!
  • I don’t like this woman at all. I hope she gets hers in the end. What a horrible person with a horrible smirk.
  • ahhhhhhhhh!! I can’t handle this!! My team needs to save Deeks before he gets put away.
  • Oh Kensi is pissed off. What is she going to do???
  • Run Deeks!! RUUUUUUuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!
  • Ahhhh what was Kensi thinking telling them to send the cops???
  • It had to be Kensi who gets him. I love that Granger had to lower her weapon for her.
  • I love when Callen asks Sam why he’s never as happy to see him as Kensi is to see Deeks hahah! “I carry my joy inside.” – Sam
  • Deeks: “How about a group hug?” Granger: “Not even with a gun to my head.”
  • Omgg Deeks actually killed Boyle. Not surprised though. He was a dirty cop and he was going to hurt someone else. Deeks was not going to let that go.
  • “Secrets are easier to keep when you have no one to share them with.” finally piece of advice from Hetty.

This was a great episode. We finally get a little bit more of Deeks’ back story. We find out why IA was investigating him. And we get to see Mrs. Deeks again and find out where Deeks gets his sense of humor from 🙂


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