The Hunger Games re-read

So since the first time I bought the Hunger Games and devoured it on my Kobo, I haven’t really given it a second reading the way I have with some of my other books. It really wasn’t until after I watched the final installment of the Hunger Games trilogy this past weekend that I revisited re-reading the books. My first impression was that I enjoyed the books but it was meh. I enjoyed the movies. I enjoyed Hunger Games movie more than what they did with the books.
20160101_223414.jpgSo after watching the final movie, there were so many things that I couldn’t remember that the only thing I could do was to re-read the books. It took me five days to get through the three books. Once again, I couldn’t not put them down and even forgot about my shows to finish the books. The second re-read though I found that I was more in love with the books and sad about the things they missed out of the movies.

I’m not going to write a traditional review, just some thoughts I noted as I was reading. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movies, there are spoilers below.

The Hunger Games:

  1. I like that the book explains the reason why Katniss’ features are so indifferent, why she doesn’t talk to people much is because she realized mouthing off about the Capitol could get her in trouble, worse if Prim were to repeat anything that Katniss said
  2. I love Gale calling her Catnip
  3. I forgot that Gale had siblings until I re-read the book :/ I feel like the movie focuses mostly on Prim, which is understandable. But there are more than just Prim that is at risk from the Capitol
  4. I love Katniss’ friendship with Madge and I was sorry to see that she didn’t make it into the book. Book Katniss’ interactions with the other characters shows the type of person that she is
  5. I feel like the movie doesn’t go into the reaping system as much (like adding your name in more times so that you can get more food)
  6. It’s so sad because Katniss didn’t want it to be her. She never thought for a second that it could be her sister and then she has no thought of herself as she volunteers for her sister. The love that she has for her little sister is incredible
  7. I don’t know why, but I love the act of Gale pulling Prim off of Katniss. This one little detail has always stayed with me for some reason
  8. the meaning of the three finger salute
  9. I still can’t decide if Haymitch tried to kiss Effie and fell off the stage on purpose because he saw Katniss threaten to breakdown and he even at that point he wanted to show her off as being strong, make her likable or if he was just really seriously drunk
  10. I love also that in the book they go into more of Katniss having to take care of herself and Prim when her mom went catatonic after their father’s death. Again, it goes back to how much she loves Prim and how she is willing to do anything to protect her sister
  11. Peeta’s father coming in to promise that he would keep an eye on Prim had me in tears for some reason
  12. the significance of the Mockingjay is completely missing from the movie. I feel like it’s important to know that the jabberjay was a Capitol creation and when they realized they were useless, they expected it to die. But the jabberjays were like nope! and mated with the mockingbird with became the mockingjays. They were something the Capitol had never intended to happen and it was completely out of their control
  13. “How despicable we must seem to you.” – Cinna to Katniss. I love Cinna. I wish we got more of him, but he was played perfectly by Lenny Kravitz.
  14. I’m sad that the movies also don’t mention that the location of the games becomes a historic land site. That people in the Capitol actual goes to these sites for vacations and can re-live where the deaths took place, reenactments of their favourite moments
  15. “Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to…to show the Capitol they don’t own me. That I’m more than just a piece in their games.” Peeta to Katniss
  16. The bread that District 11 sends to Katniss after Rue’s death, the fact that this is the first time a district has ever sent a gift to someone outside of their district
  17. I wish the movie made the mutts more the way it was described in the book and not whatever the movie came up with. The book mutts are way more terrifying psychologically and the whole thing with the games is to psychologically mess with them
  18. Katniss’ note that these games are about them, the Capitol and not about the Tributes who have died




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