Lazy Girl Butternut Squash Soup

So this is an example of a recipe I’ll make when I’m too lazy to actually cook and need something quick. I stayed up all night last night finishing The Hunger Games and finished it around 130am. This morning I woke up at 1030am when I had meant to get up earlier to get a few things done. That did not happen and I still needed a quick meal before work!

I basically take a ready made soup and then add a bunch of stuff in there, usually some orzo and a bean or lentil for the protein. Plus some green veggies, usually kale or collard greens. If I’m not TOO lazy, then I’ll add some other veggies like carrots. I was telling this to the bff and she said this is almost exactly the same meal she feeds baby!! :/ Ah well, it’s what happens when you’re single and have no one else’s mouth to feed. Plus, it is simple and it is delicious! Sometimes I have also done just mashed potatoes for dinner which I know is not at all nutritionally good for you at all, but it sure is satisfying 🙂


This one in particular was a butternut squash soup. I usually get the Pacific or Imagine brand soups. Sometimes I’ll get the Happy Planet soups. I tried the Amy’s brand and I wasn’t really a big fan of it, though I’m usually a fan of her other frozen foods selection.

I added a can of chick peas. Two hand fulls of orzo pasta. A bunch of kale. A tomato. Cook for about half an hour or whenever the orzo is soft enough to eat. Add some salt and pepper to taste and I have a meal that will last me a good few days this week!


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