Catching Fire Re-Read

I cannot put this book down and worse, I cannot stop crying reading it. I have been reading the book right through my lunch breaks and when there is down time at work, at home. I feel so guilty abandoning my Harry Potter re-read-a-thon, but I need to know what I missed out from the last movie and I can’t just read the end.

Anyway, so here were my thoughts while reading Catching Fire. As always, there are spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Catching Fire:

  1. “It must be very fragile, if a handful of berries can bring it down.” -Katniss to Snow
  2.  that the one good thing about the Games and winning, and one of the few times Katniss is ok with the Games, is that her district doesn’t go hungry for the year
  3. the fact that the Games made Katniss stop punishing her mother, realizing that sometimes things happen to people and they’re not always equipped to handle to handle it
  4. I love the friendly banters between Katniss and Cinna
  5. Katniss realizing that there will never be a life for her and Gale, that she’ll have to keep up the charade of her and Peeta forever if she wants to keep her loved ones alive
  6. Haymitch, who chose “solitary confinement” is so sad. It’s basically like Johanna. There’s no one for them to love anymore so they can’t use those people against them like they can for Katniss
  7. Peeta who hears Katniss’ screams in her nightmares and coming to her and holding her until she falls back asleep is one of the sweetest things. It also makes me wonder if Gale would have done the same for her
  8. the drinks that make you throw up your food so that you can eat more. I won’t lie, at first when I was reading this, I thought that this was pretty awesome. It wasn’t until it sank in that there were people that are starving, who have to go to sleep hungry, who will never know the feeling of a full belly, that this became as horrifying to me as it was for Katniss and Peeta
  9. the announcement of the Quarter Quells, meaning that Katniss is going back in, her reaction, her breaking down, I also broke down with her
  10. Peeta’s plan for them to start training like the careers, making Katniss and Haymitch sober up, enlisting others to help them so that Katniss can be the one to come home
  11. Katniss and Peeta going in as one, unforgiving. I love it, I felt so justified with them, one little way for them to not give in to the Capitol
  12.  the fact that everyone going in this time are killers and not inexperienced children anymore
  13. Katniss picking the ones who are seen as “weak” by everyone else to be their allies, but no one is really surprised
  14. Katniss hanging the Seneca Crane dummy and Peeta painting Rue after Katniss decorated her – both wanting to hold the Capitol accountable for their actions. I love that they both did the same thing without ever having talked to each other. I like that in the movie that Katniss got to see what Peeta did, even though they’re not supposed to be able to see what each other’s talents are
  15. I love that Katniss defends Cinna, the way that she defends the people that she cares about
  16. the fact that Katniss thought that Finnick was kissing Peeta was so strange to her that that was the only reason why she didn’t kill him (thankfully!). I also love the fact that they showed Finnick looking at her strangely in the movie and when that comes back in the first part of the last movie
  17. I wish they showed the lighter side of them from the books, because that moment when Katniss and Finnick, covered in healing paste, scaring Peeta awake is one of my favourites scenes from the book
  18. the plan to rescue them was so detailed and intricate, I wish they were able to show that in the movie
  19. her loss of will to live without Peeta is absolutely heartbreaking
  20. so is her inability to ignore Gale when he comes to her

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