Mockingjay Re-Read

The final book! As always, this is full of spoilers! I’m going to say that right now.
It’s been awhile where I have gotten so absorbed into a book that I basically shut out the outside world. I could not stop crying at this book. I hate that this book ends Prim’s life. It feels like an insult. Like this entire time, Katniss has been sacrificing herself to protect her little sister, volunteered at the reaping so that her little sister could live, and yet none of that matter because her little sister dies anyway. It was heartbreaking.
I loved that in the movie, with just that one scene, you saw Katniss’ heart breaking. It was like, I forget who said it now, but in the LOTR, The Two Towers commentary, one of the actors said (and I’m completely paraphrasing) that in the book, there were pages and pages describing how Treebeard felt when he saw his friends cut and burned down for the use of the enemy, but how lovely it was that in film, a few seconds of Treebeard letting out his roar showed you exactly what he was feeling. And this was the same thing with Mockingjay I feel. The book is so detailed about Katniss’ sorrow and how she basically gave up on her life. I do wish that the movie showed this more. I feel like in the movie they made her heal too fast. But they did show how heartbroken she was in one little scene and just like that I was sobbing silently in the theatre.

Anyway, my thoughts on this book is a little longer than usual.


  1. “It costs a lot more than your life. To murder innocent people? It costs everything you are.” – Peeta
  2. “Katniss, he’s still trying to keep you alive.” -Gale to Katniss re: Peeta
  3. Katniss’ realization that her sister was all grown up because she was forced to with time and with tragedy
  4. Cinna’s sketchbook of her Mockingjay uniform and his insistence that Katniss would not see these until she decided on her own terms to be the Mockingjay. “I’m still counting on you.” Cinna understood her so well. Like he knew that if she had seen these first, she would have felt an obligation (?) to be the Mockingjay and he wanted her to decide because he knew that eventually, she would want to
  5. Katniss feeling that being the Mockingjay was the right choice because Cinna wanted her to. I love that because she is so broken, and how could she not with everything she’s gone through, that she looked to a few trusted individuals to be her moral compass
  6. Katniss realizing who really has the power in 13 after finding her prep team and warning Pultarch let go of his delusions of power. I was sad to see that her prep team were not in the movies, and that they didn’t make them as lovable in the movies, but I love Elizabeth Banks so much as Effie that it worked out.
  7. the way that Katniss and Gale doesn’t need to use words to communicate because they have been hunting buddies for so long
  8. I wish that the movie showed how broken the victors were like in the book, I feel like it adds so much to what they are and have to go through being as broken as they are.
  9. “Well, don’t expect us to be too impressed. We just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear.” – Boggs re: how handsome Gale is
  10. “I knew you’d kiss me…Because I’m in pain. That’s the only way I get your attention.” – Gale. Just go and break my heart.
  11. After realizing how Snow was using Peeta to break her, I love that she doesn’t want anyone but Haymitch to comfort her because he is the only one who loves him as much as her. And I really wish they showed this in the movie. It was one of my favourite parts in this book
  12. I loved Prim threatening Pultarch when he tried to kick her out of Katniss’ room, she is all grown up
  13. the fact that Peeta was so in love with Katniss and someone could go in and MAKE him stop loving her was heartbreaking
  14. “There’s a chance that the old Peeta, the one who loves you, is still inside. Trying to get back to you. Don’t give up on him” -Prim to Katniss
  15. “I guess there isn’t a rule book for what might be unacceptable to do to another human being.” – I love Katniss’ compassion for others. Gale doesn’t understand like she does that just because someone has done wrong, you don’t get to do the same or worse back to them
  16. Katniss upset that Peeta finally sees her for what she really is – but she is also everything else too that other people see in her, but it’s really Peeta’s opinion of her that she really cares about
  17. the one thing I loved in the book that they didn’t add to the movie is the ally that forms between Katniss and Johanna, them helping and taking care of each other to train so that they can join the fight against the Capitol, Katniss rooming with Johanna so that she wouldn’t have to be stuck in the hospital
  18. I’m also so upset that they changed in the movie that the reason why Johanna doesn’t go with them to the Capitol was because she failed the exam during the live simulation testing due to being tortured with water at the Capitol vs. Johanna helping Katniss to sneak out. I hate that they don’t show the fact that none of the victors are ok. I also hate that this is completely out of character for Johanna. She would have wanted to go and help, if just to take down Snow and get her revenge
  19. realization between Katniss and Finnick that storming the Capitol with all its pods in place where the gamemakers can manipulate them to do anything is basically them going back into the Hunger Games, not saying anything so that no one can take them out, and both of them realizing that at least now Snow is also a contestant in the Games and he was not going to get to live
  20. Katniss’ realization that Coin sending Peeta to her team was meant to kill her, that she was more useful dead. Also I like that the book goes into more about how Coin never liked Katniss to begin with and had wanted to save Peeta. Coin knows that Katniss would never support her and that makes Katniss a threat
  21. Haymitch’s call to Katniss and making her realize that her hostility towards Peeta, were the roles reversed, he would do everything he could to get her back, reminding her of the deal they made to try and save Peeta. Book Haymitch was not as likeable as movie Haymitch, but these were one of the few times where I really liked book Haymitch
  22. Finnick’s rope. I wish they went into that more too in the movie because THEY WERE SO BROKEN and you never get to really see that side of them and I really wish they did. I mean they had two movies, they could have added more
  23. “Because it’s what you and I do. Protect each other.” Katniss to Peeta
  24. Finnick’s death was not necessary. I’m just going to say that.
  25. “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without,” Gale to Peeta re: Katniss
  26. I liked that in the movie, Haymitch was the one who took care of Katniss after her sister dies vs book Haymitch who tried and then went into a drunken stupor for the rest of his life. I’d like to believe that there was more for Haymitch now that the Games are over and that he has a chance to heal, have a relationship again…just saying
  27. I also wish they would have shown her mother in the movies too and why she couldn’t be there for her daughter
  28. Katniss’ realization that someone authorizing her 14 year old sister to combat would have to come from the highest command
  29. movie vs book, where in the book, Katniss had tried to say good bye and was going to take her Nightlock capsule, her admiration again of Cinna’s creation of the Mockingjay uniform and how beautiful and functional it was and that Peeta would not let her
  30. I loved this line: Because something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its children’s lives to settle its differences
  31. I wish they had added in that part of Katniss’ healing process was the book that she puts together with the help of Peeta and Haymitch, of her memories of Prim, their families, of Finnick and Cinna and whatever they could remember of the other victors. It was such a beautiful idea
  32. What she needed to survive was not Gale’s fire and rage and hate, but Peeta’s hope

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