Minor Home Renovations Part 2

So phase two of my home renovations happened today. I meant to go out and  get some other things done, but then I got too lazy to put on my face and everything. Instead, I did other things and I’m entirely pleased with the results. The two main things I wanted to do was to put up my bathroom shelving unit so that I could clear everything off of my sink as it’s quite small.20151211_170542.jpg

It took me a little while to figure how to hang it up because of the steel thing in the wall. So if you look really closely at the bottom section near the top, you can see the multiple holes I drilled before I got it worked out. It’s still slightly crooked, but it’s  straight enough you can’t really tell and nothing is rolling off! I don’t like the brushes up at the top like that, it’s too out of reach for me, so I need to buy another brush holder and re-organize.

Then, I finally put my painting up! I have this giant ugly panel thing right outside of my closet and I hate it. So I did a painting a little while ago that I had planned on putting on hinges, but was too lazy to put it up. Since I was already drilling holes in my wall today and had all the tools out, I ended up putting the painting up, so now I see this:20151211_170521.jpg

instead of the ugly boring panel behind it. But if I need to get to it, I just open the painting and have instant access to it.

Working on little bits and pieces of the condo and slowly making it my home.


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