Chinese Beancurd with Quail Eggs Dessert Soup

It’s been a very long time since I made Chinese dessert for myself. I was cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and found a can of quail eggs that I had forgotten about!

I don’t really know how to make Chinese dessert soups even though I love them, I mean, it’s literally sugar water, what’s not to love for a sugar addict like me?? My dad used to make them once in awhile but he unfortunately passed away before I could get all his recipes from him. So now I have to scour the internet for something that’s authentic Chinese.


I basically used the recipe by Smoky Wok, my pictures didn’t end up looking as nice as hers, but it sure was delicious!!

So for the recipe:

4 beancurd sheets
1/4 cup rock sugar (or less if you prefer it to be less sweet)
8 cups of water
3 eggs, beaten
1 can quail eggs

In a large pot, place the beancurd sheets into the water. Allow it to come to a rapid boil then turn heat to medium-low and simmer until the sheets turn soft.

Add the quail eggs and sugar and allow it to boil until the sugar melts.

Remove the pot from heat and add the beaten eggs, stirring as you let the eggs drop into the liquid.

You can have this dessert either hot or cold. I prefer it cold 🙂


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