There is nothing I love more than when Cyber Monday comes around each year and seeing what sale e.l.f. has. My shipment just came in and I am so excited to try out everything!

My obsession with e.l.f. started because they were involved with Howie’s Dorough Lupus Foundation – Wings of Hope to search for a cure for Lupus. Of course I was going to support them! Plus they are cruelty free and they are (or can be) super cheap!
Since those days, the company has grown a lot and they have started a nicer line of make up in their Studio collection for a few dollars more. I always enjoy seeing what is new and trying out new products. Plus, I like to stock up on some essentials like their bb creams and lip balm. I didn’t need them this year since I over over stocked myself last year!
But I basically wait once a year for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to purchase my giant haul of e.l.f. products. I hate paying for shipping, and this is the one time where paying for shipping is worth it to me. So once a year, I gather my friends and see if they want to order anything and then I put a giant order in and we all chip in for the shipping.


This was my haul this year. As you can see, I got all my brushes, except I somehow forgot to get the face brushes (the all over face, powder, bronzing brushes!!). I don’t know how I missed them, but at least I got some eyeshadow ones. I like to get several of them and then nail polish paint them to match the colours of my eyeshadows.
e.l.f. had these prism eyeshadows that I have been eyeing, so of course I had to get one of each! The colours are gorgeous and I love the nice slim case it comes in. It makes it easy to slip into my makeup bag and take it on the go with me. I can’t wait to see how the colours hold up during the day.
I’m also excited to play with the lip stains. I only recently got into the lipsticks/lip stains. I love lip gloss, but I never used to wear lipsticks. They felt too bold and bright to me. But I love make up and people insisted on getting me lipstick for birthdays and Christmases and I hated that their gift was going to waste, so I started wearing lipstick and discovered that it wasn’t so bad. Now I have a large collection of glosses, sticks, stains, etc.
Also got an acne spot treatment from them. No idea if it’s going to work or not, so we will see!
The other thing I wanted to try out and see if it would last throughout the day is the liquid pen eyeliner. I never used to wear eyeliner because I have the Chinese eye problem where I have no eye crease (plus super oily) so whatever I wear (even with primer) it would end up smudged and creased and I looked like a mess. Eventually I gave up trying. My friend got me into the Stila eye, she has the same problem and swore by it and I loved it! I gave it a try and it actually worked. Stayed on my eyes all day, didn’t crease, didn’t smudge! Except that I found out that it’s not cruelty free! So I have been searching for a new one ever since. I am hoping that this will work out for me!

If you guys haven’t checked out e.l.f., and I can’t imagine that you haven’t, BUT if you haven’t, you really need to check them out!



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