Chocolate Candy Covered Pretzels

My first baking project of 2016! I really shouldn’t call it baking, there was no baking involved. My first food project of 2016??

I needed a fast quick project with items I already had to add to Christmas presents for a few people I haven’t seen yet and decided this would be a fun project to do on a gloomy New Years day!

This was so fun to make and even more delicious to “taste test” 😀
Sometimes it helps to be a hoarder and have melting chocolates and different candy coatings available to me for last minute projects. Though as the BFF reminded me, this is only SOMETIMES helpful since half the time I forget I’ve stashed certain things away somewhere and then send up buying the exact same kind of things!! But in today’s case, out worked out perfectly!
These are super easy to make, and easily customizable depending on what candy coating you use. I thought I would like the candy coated ones better, but my favourite ended up being the coconut coated ones!

1 bag of pretzel rods (I use Meal Brothers Organic Pretzel Rods)
Shortening/Canola oil
Milk chocolate melting wafers
Dark chocolate melting wafers
White chocolate melting wafers
Red sugar sprinkled
Green sugar sprinkled
Multi colored sprinkles
Unsweetened shredded coconut
Crushed candy cane (you can buy them pre-crushed or you can take a hammer to a bag of whole candy canes)

Line a tray with parchment paper and set aside.

In a pot, add enough water so that it doesn’t touch the large stainless steel bowl on top when it boils. Add 4-5 white chocolate wafers and let it melt. Stir occasionally with a spatula and add in small amounts of oil as the wafers start to melt. This is to help the chocolate dip smoothly.

Once it’s fully melted, use the spatula to help coat the pretzel in a thin coating and allow any excess chocolate to drip away. Sprinkle candy coating and place on the parchment lined tray.

When you’ve made enough, in another bowl, add milk chocolate wafers and dark chocolate wafers (I like to mix my milk and dark chocolates, you can do whichever one you prefer) and repeat the process.

You can make chocolate drizzled ones by dipping the pretzel in the chocolate. Using a spoon, scoop up melted white chocolate. Hold your spoon high enough so that it pours a thin line, drizzle onto the chocolate coated pretzel.

When you’ve made enough, place the tray into the fridge and allow it to set.


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