A Little Art

Ending my first day of 2016 with a little bit of art. I was going to do something more productive but then I was like, it’s New Years day! Part of what I want to do this year is to get back into art. Plus I have an entire blank bullet journal with pages and pages waiting to be filled! I am, unfortunately, so hopelessly blank creatively that I spent most of the day researching art journal prompts and I found a few that I think will help me get my creativity flowing again.

Today’s prompt was from Tumblr that I forgot to save and it was something like to choose a lyric and bring it to life. The lyric that has been stuck in my head lately is from Nick Carter’s new album, so obviously that was the one that I choose to visualize.


don’t let your heart bleed out, just let the sunlight in

It was so therapeutic. I cannot wait to get back into art and creativity for this year. I have tried to do these weekly prompts before and fallen off after the first month or so. I am so determined to do this this year.

I will need to find a better way to photograph my work though or better lighting. The phone camera is not the greatest camera in the world for taking pictures of my art work it seems :/



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