QOTD – 01.02.16


I wasn’t always a fan of NKOTB, it wasn’t until they formed NKOTBSB and I saw them in interviews where I was like, ok, they’re pretty funny. Then I saw them in concert and it was like they are FREAKING AMAZING!!
Then of course I had to follow them on twitter and I basically fell in love with Donnie Wahlberg’s words. He used to tweet out his daily words of wisdom. At the time I had just started a new position and lots of self doubt but Donnie’s reminder that I was enough, that I was good enough, that I can’t compare myself to others, that I can do it and to kick my fears in the butt were so helpful. I also love that he has so much love and encourages love and advocates for love.
So today I chose his words to be my qotd and hopefully inspire everyone else too to walk with love.


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