Beauty Boxes December 2015 Update

I got to using some of the products finally and I have to say I am pretty happy!

So first, I finally used the Konjac Sponge. I have been wanting to try this but never bothered to buy it because I didn’t really understand it – it’s a freaking sponge, I don’t see why I should spend a large(ish) amount of money on a freaking sponge.20160102_123301.jpg
At first, I was entirely creeped out by the sponge, which if you haven’t used it before or seen it or whatever the case is, it’s this hard as rock thing and you’re supposed to hold it under water and use it. Maybe I didn’t read the instructions completely, I tend to do that, but I held it under the shower water and I was like ok….do I use it like this? but then it started softening and I could feel it sort of squishing in but not entirely, because the center of it was still pretty hard. It was a pretty freaky sensation. Once you get over that and you ACTUALLY use it, it’s fine. It left my face feeling fresh and clean like I had just used one of my exfoliating scrubs. But I swear that in the last few days of using it, a lot of my acne scarring from my teenage years have been healing and my cheeks are so much smoother. I don’t know if I’m imagining it or if it’s a combination of my new beauty regimen, but I love it. My face just feels so much cleaner and smoother.

The other update I have is the Kani Petal Polish Rose Face Mask. I had thought that this was a sheet face mask from the feel of the package, so I was (good) surprised when I opened the little pouch to find that it wasn’t. While I love this mask, it smells WONDERFUL! and the end result left my face all soft and everything, it is messy! I don’t know if I was using it wrong, but bits of the scrub/mask kept falling off of my face? There were several bits and pieces of it in my sink and I had to keep picking them back up and trying to pat it back on to my face!

I was reading on their website just now that you should apply this to wet skin. So that might have been the problem. I’m very likely going to get this again. Probably for my birthday this year as a special treat since I still have so many scrubs, I don’t really need another one right right now and my new years resolution is to not spend excessively on things I don’t need!


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