QOTD – 01.03.15


I really like this quote. Because I feel like I tend to do this sometimes and I shouldn’t have to. My thing is that I hate confrontation, I like it when everything is peaceful and everyone is getting along and I feel like a lot of me just nodding my head and smiling and not giving into the debates or arguments or whatever is just me not caring to get into that with other people as opposed to me caring about whether someone is comfortable with my choices and who I have become.

Like my going cruelty free, it’s not like I made a big declaration to my friends and colleagues. I’ve mentioned it in passing when we were discussing food for the holiday staff party or the Secret Santa gathering with my friends and some people have made their comments (OMG you’re going to die! You need protein to live! You need meat! etc) and I just politely smile and nod and said something very generic in response.

So maybe I don’t shrink back from who I am, I just don’t bother to instigate confrontation.



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