Mushrooms and Bok Choy Soba Noodles

I stumbled across this recipe a few days ago and have been craving soba noodles since.
I made a few changes to the original recipe by Sobremesa, mostly because I was too lazy to go through all her steps :/ so mine is a super simplified version. Plus I added a few things to get in extra protein into me.


My soba noodles are different colours because I ran out of the first package and had to open a second package and they were different coloured! Though I kind of preferred it that way.

3 bundles of soba noodles
4-5 bundles of bok choy (I didn’t have the broccolini)
large handful of shittake mushrooms
large handful of cremini mushrooms
1 cup edamame beans
1 package Gardein meatless tips
salt to taste
1 ginger knob, grated
2 tablespoons soy sauce (or more depending on your tastes)
2 tablespoons honey (or more depending on your tastes)
tablespoon olive oil
2 teaspoon corn starch
For garnish:
1 pepper (I used orange), chopped into bite sized pieces
(or you could use green onion, sesame seed, chilli – I didn’t have any of these items and I like having a nice bright pop of colour in my food, so orange pepper it is!)

In a pot, boil water for the soba noodles. Add salt and soba noodles when water begins to boil. Follow instructions on the package for how long to boil for. Drain and set aside.

In a wok on medium heat, add olive oil. When hot enough, add the ginger and let it cook for a little. Add mushrooms, bok choy, edamame beans, and the meatless tips.

Let it cook for a few minutes, until the meatless tips and edamame beans have thawed and then add honey and soy sauce. If it’s too watery, which mine were, add soy sauce to cornstarch and dump it into the wok, allow your sauce to thicken.

Dish soba noodles out evenly, add the mushroom and bok choy on top and then use the peppers as garnish.


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