Wish Order!

I’m so excited! I don’t know if you guys know about the Wish app, it’s basically an online shopping thing. You have your shipping and cc info saved and then you just click and buy. Most of the items are pretty cheap. Some of them you can tell it’s cheap, some of them actually ended up being exactly as pictured.
Like last September, the BFF surprised me with tickets to go to the Supernatural convention and I bought a cute plaid dress from the app that I could wear to it. It was a lot cuter in the picture, less so when I tried it on. The skirt part hung weirdly on me, the belt was way shorter so that I couldn’t tie it the cute bow like in their picture. But for $7, I got what I paid for. You just really need to read the reviews to see if the item is going to be exactly as is or if it’s not worth buying.
The only other bad thing about Wish is that it takes so long for the items to come in. Which is really just sucky when I really really want my purchases to play with and have to be super patient instead. Sometimes I even forget that I made the order until I get it in the mail :/
But in all, I like it enough to continue ordering from them. Just need to be careful on what it is I’m ordering.


They have a lot of nail art stuff, so I thought I would try it out. These came for me today and I can’t wait to see how they work! If it goes well, I plan on ordering more. I figured that you can’t go wrong with nail stuff.

This Van Gogh Starry Night nail wrap I am super excited for. Their picture did not indicate that it would be sparkly but it totally is! Which, for me, made it a million times better than what I thought it would be.

I’ll just have to try it out and see how it stays and if it wraps properly. Will update when I try it out! I wish they had some other ones, like it would be cool if there were some Frida Kahlo inspired ones!


I also wanted to try out their stamping stencils. If it’s good and stamps well, these are a pretty great deal! I can’t wait to try out the lace-y looking ones. I hope they work out, because at $3, they are a lot cheaper than any of the other stencils I have ever come across!


I will update when I use them! I’m keeping my note from last week since they still look like new and I love the sparkles so much.


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