The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The_Maze_Runner_coverSo a few weeks back, I was restless and so I thought that I would watch a movie. I have had The Maze Runner on my Netflix list for ever since it
became available, so I thought why not?
I fell in love with it and then realized that The Scorch Trials is out and available to be rented, so I did on CinemaNow (sometimes I have zero impulse control. I am horrible).  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I won’t ruin it for you, but at the end I was like wtf???? so much that I had to get the book and see what happens next! And to see what was missing from the book because you know there is going to be a bunch of stuff that has been left out. I was not prepared for the amount of things that were left out!

Below are my thoughts on the book, you can find a lot of reviews out there, so I won’t bother. Although I guess this is my own review of the book in my own way…

  1. Newt is possibly one of my favourite characters in this series.  And the fact that he is played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster, whom I loved in Love Actually helps. But seriously, he has like the perfect balance of snark and optimism and a lets get this done attitude. Chuck and Minho are tied for second favourites.
  2. I keep reading the book and waiting for things from the movie to happen, but it doesn’t, or it does but in a much more complex way
  3. The maze code is so interesting and it sucks that it was not in the movie
  4. Alby was much nicer in the movie than in the book. Gally too.
  5. The telepathy between Thomas and Teresa is so interesting and they could have so easily added that into the movie!!
  6. I loved finding out about the origins of their names, like Alby is for Albert Einstein, Newt for Issac Newton
  7. I enjoy that in the book, they had decided to go and fight and escape the Glade as opposed to the movie where they were forced to fight and needed to escape
  8. Would have liked to seen more in the movie of the Glade, how they ran it and the voting/government system they had created for themselves
  9. book Alby who was so scared of what happened that he sacrificed his life to the Grievers as opposed to movie Alby who was snatched
  10. I love in the book, how you get to see more of Thomas’ friendship with Chuck and his urge to fulfill his promise to bring Chuck home to his parents
  11. Chuck trying to act optimistic and brave despite the circumstances that they are in
  12. The Gladers, some whom he knew, most whom he didn’t know, who all come together so that Thomas, Teresa, and Chuck can jump into the hole
  13. ‘such a display of death – how could it be considered a victory?’
  14. book Creators who were alive vs movie Creator who were all dead. Now that I am reading the book, I can’t stop thinking wtf movie?? I don’t understand the need for all the changes.
  15. book Gally’s they can control me. That one little bit made me so sad for him as opposed to the movie Gally where he was just a bully. Not that it makes me like him more, but I think I feel more sorry for him. And there’s the question of how/why he was controlled
  16. ‘He died saving you. He made the choice himself. Just don’t ever waste it,’ Teresa to Thomas re: Chuck’s death
  17. the mission of WICKED is to serve and preserve humanity, no matter the cost

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