QOTD – 01.10.16

we do not believe ourselves

Today I chose this quote by e.e. cummings because I feel like this is so true for me. When I was younger, I had a younger sister who would fill my head with lots of horrible thoughts that left me very insecure about who I am and what I can do.

It wasn’t until I met the bff that she finally started telling me that these horrible things are not true. I am greater than what the younger sister has to say about me. I can do everything that she said that I can’t. I am better than what she thinks about me. It wasn’t until the bff that I slowly slowly learned to believe in myself.

To this day, I still fight to not believe the horrible things that the younger sister has told me for a good portion of my life. Some times it’s still a struggle to remember to believe in myself. But the bff is always there to encourage and remind me that I am not that person that the sister says I am. I have done a lot, accomplishments to be proud of. I am so much more and I can do so much more.

So if you have someone in your life who is putting you down and telling you that you can’t do things, I hope that you have someone in your life who believes in you. Otherwise, go out there and find them – even if they are just a stranger on the other side of the monitor.


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