A Little Bit of Watercolour

I’ve been meaning to explore watercolour. I never got to in high school and throughout the years, I keep thinking I should really get into it. I keep seeing these gorgeous watercolour paintings and wish that I could do the same, but I’ve never found the time to really explore it. I have these nice sets of watercolour paints waiting to be used. I buy them thinking, NOW I’ll have to learn how to use them. I bring them out and look at them and then realize that I can’t use them! I have no idea what I’m doing and the last thing that I want is to waste my good stuff on practice.

Today I was at the Dollar Store and they had a few sets in the art section, so I thought, well, I might as well start here! So I bought the cheap ones and started playing around with different brushes and different methods.


I picked three brushes and just started making broad strokes across the page, played around with just smooshing the paint brushes to see what would happen. I tried to do some splattering. Note to self for next time: cover the area I’m working on so I don’t get paint all over my work area!

I didn’t paint any masterpieces, but it was a fun day getting to explore. I’ll have to look up some tutorials online and practice some more!



2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Watercolour

  1. Cheap paints are great for practice, I started using watercolours worth less than a dollar.😅 Started with cheap watercolours and scrap papers — they were a great way to start. I now find it easier to paint with different types of papers and watercolours.😄 As you get along the line of watercolouring and upgrade on materials, you’ll realize that its actually quite easy.❤ Good luck on your journey, when you think you’re ready don’t be afraid to use better watercolours.😊

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