Tuesday Night TV Night – A Review

I have a lot of tv shows that I watch, so instead of bombarding you with a million of my tv show posts, I thought I would just smoosh them all together. To be fair, I only had time to watch three of them since the times overlap each other! Thankfully there is technology 🙂

So here are my thoughts on Shadowhunters, NCIS, and Agent Carter 🙂  Spoilers ahead!

ShadowhuntersshadowhuntersThank you Netflix for having weekly episodes of Shadowhunter!! I was despairing that I wouldn’t get to watch it since I had read somewhere that it would only air in the States. So when I saw it on Netflix tonight while I was waiting for my shows to start, I could not be more excited!! I was a little hesitant since the movie was such a disappointment. I definitely like the tv show more. This is making me want to go back and re-read the books again!

There were some weird bits that I didn’t like:

  • that they added so early on Clary’s ability to draw an object into paper and being able to bring it back out
  • that her mother’s stele was a family heirloom and given to Clary by her mother
  • the weird scanning thing for the runes was weird. It’s kind of cool to see but then how does Clary invent them? Like does she invent them and then it gets downloaded onto the stele and then it gets scanned on to them?? I can’t even tell how they’re going to explain that later on.
  • I don’t like how Clary’s mom sort of explains the other world to Clary before sending her off to find Luke. I mean, I guess I can see why they did it, to further the story along, but still…I mean in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think that it actually matters. I just wanted it to be more book version

The things that I did like:

  • I loved the introduction of the Shadowhunters!! They’re so much better than the movie versions. Except for Jace, because I love Jamie Campbell Bower, but I also really like tv Jace too.
  • I love that they made it “modern” with adding in things like twitter and all the technology in the Institute (but weird that it was so busy when it’s supposed to be pretty dead).
  • I LOVE HARRY SHUM JR. He looks amazing as Magnus Bane. I enjoy the little changes that they made with him owning Pendemonium and the little bits of magic that he does.
  • I really like the blades, I assume that these are the Seraph blades, these were more what I was picturing when I was reading the book. Not like in the movie…actually I don’t really remember much of the movie. It was so horrible and cheesy.
  • I kind of like that Luke is NYPD

So far, I am definitely liking this a lot more than the movie. It’s different from the book, but for the most part, I’m ok with that. I’m interested to see what’s next and how they’re going to continue on and carry on with the story and if they’re going to carry it on to beyond the ending of the book.
Plus, it’s fun watching this and recognizing all the different places in Toronto that they’re using to film in.

NCISncis-bannerThis episode was directed by Rocky Carroll, which is always a fun thing for me to see the cast directing episodes of their shows. I like seeing what they do. I only wish we’d get to see more of Director Vance though, we have seen very little of him.

Here’s what I didn’t like in this episode:

  • Bishop. Sometimes I can deal with her, sometimes she annoys me. I definitely do not love Bishop the way I loved Ziva and Kate. I’m not one of those fans who are like Ziva should come back! I mean, I would love her to, but Cote made her decision and I respect that. But I just can’t get into Bishop’s character at all. Ziva was an interesting character. Bishop just isn’t to me.
  • knowing that DiNozzo is leaving, makes me sad and wondering who they will replace him with. I hope that if they are replacing DiNozzo, they replace him with an equally likable character. I will miss our Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo 😦
  • Armpit. It is such an ugly word to me. I don’t know what it is about the word, and hearing armpit over and over again coming out of Bishop’s mouth is just arughhh to me.

What I loved about this episode:

  • Tony making McGee work for allowances to crash at his place 😀 He’d totally let McGee sleep over, but it’s way more fun to make him pay for it!
  • I love that everyone is huddled in their winter jackets and Gibbs is all badass and doesn’t feel the cold at all
  • McGee geeking out over the techs is adorable
  • This girl who is unwilling to give out information without a warrant because she values animal life too is everything. I also love that as soon as she realized the person who bought the chips were using them to smuggle and sell girls, she immediately hands over the information.
  •  I keep forgetting that Palmer is a dad now. It was such a touching scene between him and Bishop when he tells her to go and catch the bad guys

I have to say, this was a pretty blah episode for me, it had an interesting story line but Bishop’s acting was pretty meh and I feel like a lot of the episodes now are surrounding Bishop and I’d like to see other story lines like when they did the Ducky story or the Abby and her brother cross over with NOLA. But Rocky Carroll did a great job directing!

Agent CarteragentcarterI don’t think that I have been the only one waiting who was waiting for Agent Carter to come back! I cannot wait and it’s a two hour special! But arughhh I didn’t know they were doing a Cap America special beforehand!! I missed out on some yummy Chris Evans!! Hopefully I can find it online somewhere later! Though I still wouldn’t have missed NCIS for it…

The things I didn’t like:

  • Nothing.
  • Fine, I didn’t like that Sousa found another love. If it couldn’t be Peggy and Steve, then Peggy and Daniel would have been my next pick. But fine, I’ll let the season play out.

The things that I loved – and what did I not love??:

  • We’re three minutes in and there is already some badass Agent Carter fight scene! All the fight scenes were so much fun to watch.
  • This whole deadly ice thing is so intriguing – Woman stuck in an ice block, the doctor and the police guy frozen to death. I’m assuming this will be the story arc for the season?
  • Bernard the Flamingo. I feel like Howard Stark is way more fun than Tony knows his dad to be
  • mrsjarvisMrs. Jarvis!! She is adorable! I hope we get to see more of her this season! I adore that she stands by laughing at Jarvis being chased by the flamingo, but she also stands by him as he trains himself. Also their secret language with each other. I also love that she understands Peggy so well – garter gun holster, bringing her whiskey instead of tea, understanding why Peggy feels the way she does about Wilkes.
  • “I shall be your beacon of justice!” Jarvis is great!
  • Did anyone else’s heart break when Wilkes asked Carter to go dancing with him?? That was supposed to be with Steve 😥
  • WHAT IS THAT BLACK TARRY THING????? Is it the beginning of the Kree stone thing from AoS?
  • I must be stupid, that pin thing that belonged to Dottie is the back in the day Hydra symbol wasn’t it? Anyone??? Arughh I need to go back and re-watch the last two episodes of AoS – I can’t remember if last season’s Agent Carter coincided with AoS in some way too or if this is just me reading into things that are happening on Agent Carter. But if it is, does this mean that they’re grooming Thompson to be Hydra??
  • Wilkes: “Could be a long walk in those heels” Carter: “I’ve preformed far more strenuous tasks in heels.” I don’t know why I love her response to this so much, but I love it.
  • Sousa has a special worry for her ❤ – Rose is like the Agent Carter’s version of Garcia and I love them both.

So far I am loving the new Agent Carter (can you tell?). I am so interested to see what they do with it this season and where it goes!

That’s it from me for now! Hope everyone has a great day!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night TV Night – A Review

  1. OMG SHADOWHUNTERS. as an avid fan of the books, i actually quite…not exactly hated the movie? it was one of those things that i didnt think was done well, but it wasnt TERRIBLE – but i wouldnt have watched a sequel. the tv show is a bit crap, but in that really addictive and kind of great way (lol) like Buffy – shit special effects, some of the actors are iffy and some lines are delivered really awkwardly … but im into it anyway xD i think i preferred lily collin’s portrayl of clary though (maybe just because of the hair…) but i really like the series so far:) magnus and alec are BEAUTIFUL.


    1. I know what you mean, I think the movie for me was just a big disappointment…it was like Buffy the movie to me, where it was just really cheesy. Like OVERLY cheesy and not in a good way haha! But yeah, the tv series, even with some changes that I disagree with, I’m still pretty into it! Magnus and Alec are beautiful, that helps :)!!

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