LaRitzy – January 2016

My first beauty box subscription of 2016! For those of you new to this, LaRitzy is a cruelty free, vegan, non-toxic monthly subscription box. I only started my subscription service a few months ago, but I absolutely love it!


First up is one of my personal favourites, a Glam Natural Lip Cream in Drop Dead Gorgeous. I absolutely adore this colour and because it’s a cream, it glides on smoothly and doesn’t leave your lips all sticky. It’s got a subtle shimmer, so it’s not in your face glossy, but it’s not matte either, which I love. It’s shea butter based, so it nourishes while you’re wearing it – which has been perfect for the dry winter season and keeping my lips all moisturized. I don’t even bother with lip balm/chap stick when I’m wearing this.

Little swatch of it. Seriously gorgeous!

Another item that I am loving is the Zoe Organics Cream. My hands are so annoyingly dry this season and this cream just left my hands so soft and so smooth. It’s also perfect for me to use at work since there is zero fragrance and my work place is a scent free environment. I have gotten so many samples of creams/balms/lotions from these subscription boxes that I’m just going to leave this at work for my hands!

Next is Otavea Lemon Scrub; the lemon was made specifically for the LaRitzy box. I am so happy about this! Lemon plus face scrub equals happy! Is there anything more uplifting than the scent of lemon? (Ok, probably. But not for me!). I haven’t used this yet, but I cannot wait to try this out!

Finally, there was a pack of Mai Couture Highlighter Papier in Crystal Cove. This I was more excited about than the blush papier in last month’s box. I love that it left such a beautiful subtle shimmer on you. I love the idea of paper makeup, I don’t know that I would continue to buy it, it’s more a luxury item to me. I can see the benefits of it though.

So that’s the LaRitzy box for this month! I’m so very happy with all the items!





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