Supernatural – a Review


It’s another Supernatural Wednesday! What does it say that I missed my condo board meeting because I didn’t want to miss my Supernatural?? This was another great episode. I feel really bad because I never pay attention to who the writer/directors/etc are, I just get so caught up in the story lines. I never know unless the boys make it a point to say x directed this episode or y was the writer on this. But I always feel like it’s a mark of a great episode when I’m so involved with the story line that I miss all these things (sorry writers and directors).
This episode of Supernatural, Into the Mystics, was as good as any (and like I said before, I am a horrible critic since you would have to do something really really big to make me not like anything). I love love love that it’s back to hunting the big bads for these brothers this season. They’re still dealing with the other stuff, but it’s all about fighting demons, hunting things. This is why I loved this episode (and as always possible spoilers ahead):

  • That super creepy and pretty graphic opening: bleeding eyes, banging head against the wall…It’s not as graphic as some of their past episodes, and I’m usually pretty good taking in the gore and stuff, but this had me arughhhh-ing and looking away
  • Luci!Cas feeding the ducks, whistling, stroll in the woods. Then snap of a finger and exploding angel…so freaking creepy. I know he’s the devil, but still
  • Sam: “Turns out Harold was stealing the other resident’s Viagara.” Dean: “I know. It’s a real dick move huh? *snickers*” and did I see that correctly? Did Dean just steal a bottle of Viagara???? Anyone????
  • Is it just me or has it been a long time since we’ve seen the boys salt and burn a baddie?
  • Dean and Mildred’s flirtation: “I’m just going to need my hand back.”, “Your hand’s still on my knee.”; mostly one sided on her part. Plus her and Eileen signing each other about the boys while Sam and Dean were on the phone, at the end. They are so hilarious together, can we have them back please in future episodes together please?
  • Sam knowing sign language, I like that we’re 11 seasons in and we’re still learning new things about the boys
  • Dean baring his soul to Luci!Cas; and now Lucifer has a bad plan brewing and I don’t like it one bit. The season finale is going to be a total tearjerker isn’t it? I mean they always are, but ahhhh…I’m already anxious about it
  • Sam’s cute little self conscious smile while talking with Mildred
  • Another hunter! and another legacy like the brothers, I hope there are going to be some amazing story lines involving her later and also that she doesn’t get killed off like everyone else. I love that they made her different
  • Mildred: “Follow your heart, you do that, all the rest figures itself out”

Wow and OMG next week’s episode looks like it is going to be so amazing! We get Jodi back (I hope) and more of Claire Novac training to fight. Can’t wait til next week!

Thanks for reading and hope everyone has an amazing day 🙂


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