The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

scorchtrials The Scorch Trials  took me longer to read for a few reasons, one because of my work shifts and having to train, it cut into my reading time considerably. The next reason was because I felt the book was dragging and then I would lose interest until I finally get to an interesting part again and I would be all interested until I wasn’t again. This whole business with Thomas and Teresa is driving me crazy. I want to reach in and yell at him to stop trusting her which he knows, but then he sees her and he has to trust her and it’s so frustrating. ANYWAY.

I feel like the book was very laid out from the beginning; you need to do this and get from point a to point b in this amount of time. The movie was very much a discovery; Aris tells Thomas that something isn’t right, Thomas investigates and they run from one thing to another. It made me sad to see all the different things that were missing out of the movie. And the movie felt like it was a completely different entity from the book. Basically nothing in the book happened in the movie and I was a little wtf? as I was reading it. Like why is Safe Haven not a real place??  Minho did not get captured by WICKED because of Teresa. Now I need to read book three and see the third movie to see what they do since everything is so different!

Here were the things that were not in the movie that I wished was:

  • the telepathy! Which I’m pretty sure I mentioned in my last review. But the telepathy between Thomas and Teresa, and then also with Aris, is such an interesting element. I love that having the telepathy removed, Thomas felt it so strongly as an empty void with in him
  • Minho, Newt, and Thomas’ banters. These three sniping at each other are hilarious
  • that Teresa was taken from her room and the next day we find Aris instead and that Teresa has been labelled a Traitor
  • the tattoos that each boy is labelled with, specifically Minho the leader, Newt the glue, and Thomas to be killed by group B. Then later the signs everywhere that says Thomas is the real leader
  • the “bad” in this book is so much worse: metal death ball things, the scorch of the desert, the lightening storms, the cranks past gone, the pod “people” – the book didn’t have any of these elements (except that they were out in the desert and some of the cranks, but not like the cranks that were trying to eat their noses or anything) and it would have been cool to see, especially the death balls and the pod “people”
  • getting to know more about Thomas through his memory/dreams

I really enjoyed reading more of WICKED and what they were about, the people who are behind WICKED and what they are capable/willing to do in the name of “the greater good”.

  • that WICKED had the power to manipulate their brains
  • “If I can tell you anything today, it is that you should never, ever believe your eyes. Or your mind for that matter…all I will say is that sometimes what you see is not real, and sometimes what you do not see is real.” – Rat Man
  • government of the surviving nations working together to fight new problems of the world. Though it’s sad that it took a disaster that affects them before they’re willing to come together to work together
  • that WICKED had the ability to swoop in at any time to save them, but letting the others die instead
  • Thomas taken to a white room away from others
  • “The future of the human race outweighs all. Every death and every sacrifice are well worth the ultimate outcome.” – WICKED

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