Mini Beauty Haul – Lush

So my Petit Vour January box is lost somewhere in post office land 😦 and waiting to hear back from them about this. In the mean time, I went to Lush with the bff and picked up a few things!img_20160207_160313.jpg

The bff got me onto the massage bar and it honestly is amazing!! You rub the bar in your hands and it melts and is intensely moisturizing -even after I wash my hands! My hands stay so smooth for so long and I keep petting my own hands because it’s so silky!! I wasn’t going to get this since I still had some True Blue Spa’s Super Softening Hand Lotion and wanted to use it up before I got another hand moisturizer, but after trying the massage bar, True Blue just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I got the Organic Therapy bar, and it smells amazing! I want to try the other ones they have.

Next was the Rehab Shampoo. I’ve been looking to switch up my shampoos now that I’m done my last Fructis. This shampoo smells like mint to me and is so rejuvenating in the shower first thing in the morning! It’s made with a lot of fruit juices, like papaya, pineapple, kiwi, and mango. So far I love it, I want to try their other shampoos and conditioners. I need to do some more research into the conditioners, they have so many and I’m excited to play 🙂

The final thing I got, also recommended by the bff, was the Dark Yellow Colour Supplement. It’s so hard to find a shade that actually matches my skin tone being Asian. Most foundations have pink undertones and are usually either too light or too dark on me. But this one from Lush actually works with my skin tone! I use a dab of it on my Beauty Blender and smoosh it on to my face and it’s an exact match. It’s very light coverage though, but you can do a second coating if you need something heavier. For me, I noticed that since I switched to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, my face has completely cleared up, so I just need a light layer to even out my skin.

So that’s my little Lush haul and I’m excited to get more things from Lush, I just wish they weren’t so expensive (though worth every penny!) :/ ! Have you guys used anything else from Lush and how do you guys like it?


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