I saw this and I loved it so I’m using it for today’s qotd. I was just having this conversation with a friend because last week a co-worker wanted to set me up even though I was completely against it and did not ask for it just because THEY didn’t want me to be alone. Because THEY thought that Valentine’s Day was a sad time to be alone. I was so stunned that this was even pushed on to me considering that this person knows nothing about me or my situation. Even my grandma is pushing me to find a boyfriend soon because she thinks that I am lonely and depressed. It’s really hard to tell them that I am not ready for another relationship and I am neither lonely or depressed just because I happen to spend most evenings reading or watching tv at home and they prefer to be out and about! And that that is not a reason to go and find a boyfriend.

Plus, I just got out of a pretty bad relationship and I need and want the time to heal and focus on myself and not jump right back into another relationship. I’ve never been like certain friends of mine who have never been on their own, just jumping from one guy to another. If that’s you and that’s what you want and it works for you, than great. But it’s not for me. I feel like, when I’m ready, when I’m excited again about the prospect of falling in love, then sure. But until then, I’m happy where I am and what I’m doing and I have no regrets.



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