Tuesday Night TV Night – a Review

Sort of spoilers as always.


I hate episodes that deal with kidnapping children to get back at their parents, but they did a good job with this and made the . And they killed the girlfriend who orchestrated the whole thing, so I felt vindicated. It was an enjoyable episode and they gave us some good stuff:

  • all the McGee tidbits: Timothy Farragut McGee XD, McGee’s herbal tea and Fornell’s disgust with it, McStudMuffin, Agent Page and McGee’s talk about setting roots down and McGee liking it at NCIS HQ
  • Loved the Agent Page and Gibbs moments in the elevator and on the field about to rescue Sec Nav’s daughter.
  • it’s always good to have Fornell back
  • DiNozzo: “Shoo said the Scuciato”
  • that Ducky is probably the only person that Gibbs will listen to
  • DiNozzo: “Thank you for honoring me with the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.”

Missing Director Vance, but I love the idea of the struggle between wanting to keep your job and wanting to keep your family safe.

Agent Carteragentcarter

Yay for two hour special. Boo for my sleep though – or lack of sleep considering I had to wake up for 5am to get to work for 7am. But this was a great two part-er episode, we get Mrs. Jarvis and Dottie back, they furthered the story and left us hanging for what is going to happen next.

  • When Agent Carter has a bad idea, it’s a really bad idea – she wasn’t kidding about that. But I loved that they brought Dottie Underwood back for this episode
  • Yay to getting to see Chad Michael Murray all dressed up 🙂 Though I just started watching Gilmore Girls and his character makes me so mad! I’m pulling for him to be the good guy in this – though I feel like most of the his roles he plays the bad guy who ends up being the good guy. Chief Thompson has the right ideals, to protect his country and all, he just has very bad people leading and filling his head with their ideals
  • Carter and Sousa: “DO NOT KILL HIM (Thompson)!”
  • Jarvis being stern with Dottie Underwood to get her to stick with the plan is adorable <3. Also Jarvis with the glasses is also adorable
  • Dottie is about to find out the worst information ever about the zero matter and assumed her and Whitney Frost were going to work together. I wonder where they’re going to take it next as it seems like Whitney has taken Wilkes to work with. Will she be her own agent or is she going to team up with Whitney Frost or with Agent Carter?
  • Mrs. Jarvis is adorable. I love her relationship with Jarvis and how she worries about him, her interaction with Wilkes, her reaction to Wilkes kissing Agent Carter, and I love that she is brave and goes to confront Whitney Frost when she kidnapped Wilkes.
  • the banters between Agent Carter and Jarvis. And Jarvis describing Sousa
  • Sousa is a tough one and this Vernon Masters needs to go.

It’ll be interesting now that Vernon Masters has put himself in charge. I need to know what will happen to Sousa now and whether Thompson will end up doing the right thing. I need to know what happens between Wilkes and Whitney Frost and where Dottie fits in into all of this.

So that was my Tuesday night, did anyone else watch NCIS or Agent Carter? What did you guys think?



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