La Ritzy – February 2016

I have another beauty box review for you! I so look forward to my LaRitz boxes to see what they put together next and I am never disappointed. I got this box on Friday and was happy to play with them this weekend, which was nice because after I tried everything, I promptly got a mild flu or a really bad cold – no relation, I’m sure. But it was nice to pamper myself right before starting to feel like sh!t 😦

Anyway, this month there were 4 full sized samples (basically).

Mia helping me with the unboxing 🙂

So first, and my favourite of the bunch was the Rejuvinating Antioxidant Mask by Palmetto Derma. I really like their stuff, I got a sample of their Collagen Booster & Restoration Serum in a past box and I loved it so much. So I was really excited to see something else from them in my box. This mask is so great! I love that it’s ready to go, you just have to slop it onto your face and you’re done. I love the tingly feeling it gives you as you put it on. Finally, I love that when you wash it off half an hour later, your face feels so soft!! So this mask is a big hit (with me anyway!)!img_20160220_122108.jpg

The next item that I really enjoyed was the Bora Bora Hair Pact by Doe Beauty. For whatever reason, I thought that this would come out more solid, so I just poured it out and it spilled everywhere. Luckily my reaction was quick so the loss was minimal, which is good because this stuff is amazing!! I don’t usually do anything fun with my hair, just shampoo and conditioner. That’s it. So it was a lot of fun to try this out.
This product smelled SO GOOD AND COCONUT-Y!! I left it in my hair for 30 minutes while I had my face mask on for the same amount of time and then I hopped into the shower to wash both of them off. My hair was so smooth, I didn’t even use conditioner cause I didn’t want to wash out that gorgeous smell out of my hair!! I let my hair air dry and it was seriously gorgeous! img_20160220_122141.jpg

Next is a Cucumber Milk Facial Cleaner by Lather. So when it says mild, it really means mild. It definitely does not wash off your makeup. It’s really great for when you have had a weekend off and have not been wearing makeup and you need something less harsh. It smells really clean and fresh as cucumbers usually do and after washing your face with it, it leaves your skin feeling pretty smooth and refreshed. If this was a better makeup remover, I would consider buying it again, unfortunately since I usually have make up on, this doesn’t really help me. I had a Vichy Milk Cleanser that I used to buy and I would squeeze out a little bit on to a cotton pad and just wipe off the makeup that I loved and had to stop buying. I should try it out and see if this does can substitute it!img_20160220_122122.jpg

The final product is the Moroccan Rose Absolute natural cream deodorant by LoveFresh. This is the third natural and cruelty free deodorant that I have tried. The other two have just not worked out for me at all. I love that this went on so smoothly – It just glided on without being grainy and leaving streaky bits behind. However, while this left me smelling like roses and left me thinking about how I smell like the Capitol people, it did not keep moisture away, so that was disappointing.
I have yet to find anything that keeps the moisture away as well as the smell. My search for a good natural and cruelty free deodorant continues.  I have two others on my list that I still want to try out. Until I get my hands on them, I will make do with this! img_20160220_122056.jpg

So this is the February LaRitzy box. As always, I am super excited about the products and even happier that I got to play with everything already! Now if this horrible cold/flu would go away, then it would be fantastic!



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