Petit Vour – February 2016

These came in while I was super sick and I didn’t even get to really play with them until now. But first I have to say that I love the card that came with the box, it is super cute and Valentinesy! There were a lot of fun goodies in this one and made for a great welcome back to being healthy again surprise!

I was really excited to see the Stem Cellular Booster Serum by Juice Beauty since I’ve heard a lot of really good stuff about them. I am a HUGE fan of stem boosting anything. Too early to tell if it’s doing anything for me though.img_20160308_173101.jpg

The other thing I was super excited about was the HAN eyeshadow in Chocolate Bronze. This shadow is so seriously pretty, it’s fairly light, but it layers really well. I’ve really enjoyed using this since I don’t have any natural and cruelty free eyeshadows. With my eye primer, the colour holds up well!img_20160308_173135.jpg

Next is this Hair Smoothie Conditioner by Graydon. I’ve been looking for a good conditioner since my switch over. This one is not bad, but I need a lot of it just to coat my hair. I don’t know if I’m used to chemically ones and a little bit coats all my hair and makes it all smooth. Plus my hair doesn’t tangle, so…img_20160308_173116.jpg

The final item was a perfume, Trance by Christy Organics. I have no nose right now, so I do not know what it smells like. It has Jasmine, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang in it. When my nose decides to open up, I will let you know how it smells. I don’t really wear perfume though and working in a scent-free environment means I don’t use scented products very often. But still, I’m excited to have new stuff to play with and try out!img_20160308_173202.jpg

So that was the February Petit Vour box, if you got a box, let me know which product you liked best in the comments!


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