Another Mini Lush Haul

I am the worst! I said I was going to refrain from overspending but then I go into Lush and all that goes out the window! To be fair, I needed to get the conditioner and I’m still searching for my perfect shampoo!img_20160308_173545.jpgThis haul I got Honey I Washed my Hair Shampoo Bar cause it smelled so yummy. I left it in the paper bag on my bathroom counter and the next morning when I walked by the bathroom, I caught this giant whiff of honey flowery smell and was so confused until I realized it was the shampoo. I loved watching it foam up, I don’t know why it  should surprise me so much. It’s soap and that’s what soaps do. Unfortunately, this made my hair really oily and I ended up giving it to the bff who has fairly dry hair.
I need to find something to help with the fact that my hair is crazy falling out. I used to use Fructis Fall Fight which was the most amazing for helping with this problem. I have yet to find a cruelty free solution!

I also tried the Veganese conditioner. I LOVE THIS CONDITIONER! It smells so yummy with the lemon and it leaves my hair all smooth. It’s supposed to give volume to “fine haired folks” like me, but I haven’t really noticed my hair being more volumized.

I wanted a new lip balm, so I just randomly picked up None of Your Beeswax which is lemony vanilla scented and it’s also vegan, despite the name. Just a little bit of this lip balm and it coats your entire lip. I don’t know what it is but, since I have been sick, I’ve become obsessed with lemon smells.

The final thing that I got was the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar. I loved my first one so much that I thought I would get a second one to keep in the living room so that I don’t have to keep going back and forth from room to room just to moisturize my hands (yes, I am that lazy…). I also got the tin for this one since my other one got coated in cat hair when I had just left it in the paper bag it came with.
And in related news, the bff sent me this post about people having plants grow out of their drains! But since I don’t use this bar in my bathroom, or over the sink, I shouldn’t have this problem 🙂


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