New York 2016 – Day One

Two weekends ago, I went on my first solo trip. Sure, it was to NYC and I have been there several times, but I was still so incredibly apprehensive. I have never gone anywhere on my own before and I usually depended on my travel companions to guide me to our destinations and back. I have never flown on my own before, I have never travelled on my own before. I thought that it would be so hard eating on my own, going out on my own.

This ended up being a really great experience and I feel like I wouldn’t mind going to NYC on my own again, but I’d still be hesitant to travel elsewhere on my own! I did learn something new from this though. Being my first solo trip and I am not the type that easily makes friends, I find it really awkward to strike up a conversation with a stranger. I mean, if someone talks to me, I’m not rude or going to be rude about it or anything. I just find the whole process…awkward. So I over planned my trip and in that way I was always on the move unless I was eating. Because of that, I killed my legs that are not used to that much walking.
Next time I’ll have to scale back on the things I wanted to do. But the fact that this was my first solo trip to NYC, it meant that I could do everything that I wanted to do without having to consider what other people wanted.

So of course my first time travelling on my own, I get sent to second inspection. I still don’t know why! I need to find out what their little codes mean. Though I feel like it was my fault and I jinxed myself cause the whole time I was in line waiting to talk to customs, I could see the secondary inspection area and it’s all closed doors and I was kind of giggly thinking about the show Border Security. And then I got sent in there. But the guy was really nice and asked me why I was there and I started giggling and responded with to see a concert. He asked me which one? I said Nick Carter!! And he said, what’s wrong with that? I said nothing, but every time I tell people they tend to make fun of me…Then he shook his head and let me go.

My first “day” in NYC, I didn’t land until 9pm-ish. It was so pretty watching the sunset over New York. But I was unfortunately on the wrong side or it got too dark for me to see the Statue of Liberty. The last time I flew in with my friends, we were able to see the Statue of Liberty as we were coming and that was cool.

I got a ride from one of the shuttle services and I thought I was going to die. There was no traffic and still the driver was just speeding in and out of lanes, scooting past cars and vans and I thought several times that we were going to hit something because the lanes seemed so narrow. Clearly, I have forgotten what driving around in NYC was like. But I got there in one piece and first stop was dinner because I was starving! I went to Sapporo the last time I was there and the ramen was delicious! It was close by to my hotel and I thought I’d go back because ramen is my comfort food AND I found out that they had a vegan miso ramen that I was pretty excited about.img_20160319_155538.jpgThe only sucky thing was that there was no protein in there, it would have been really easy just to add a few pieces of tofu. But other than that, it was delicious.

After being fed, I walked around Times Square. There seemed to be a few new places since the last time I was there. Like the Sanrio store that had this Hello Kitty thing that turns into the bear (I don’t know the name). I could not stop laughing though because it was so creepy and it was like the Sanrio version of The Human Centipede.

But mostly I was just there to people watch. Times Square will always be one of my favourite places. Where else would you get to hear a cabbie yell at a lady for jay walking while honking really aggressively and yelling at her to “f*** his dick” to which she responded with “I would, but you don’t got one!”. Welcome to New York!


because I love the NYPD horses 🙂

More on day two later 🙂






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