New York 2016 -Day Three

My third day in New York started with me breaking my ankle! Fine – over exaggeration, but I think I landed on my foot weird when I was stepping off the side walk and mini sprained it or something. I wanted to keep walking from Times Square to High Line which was about an hour walk; at home I would be like no way!! even half an hour driving distance, sometimes I’m too lazy. But NYC has so much to see that I didn’t really care about the walk. I was so mad with myself though, I should have taken it easy and just lounged at a cafe or maybe taken transit. But I didn’t think it was that bad. By the time I got to High Line I regretted it and had to sit down and rest my foot!
But it was worth it, High Line is pretty cool. It’s this old railway that got restored into a public park. I would imagine during Spring/Summer, it would be a lot more beautiful, with green grass and lots of flowers. But even still, signs of Spring was evident with  flowers blooming in certain patches.

There were also a lot of places that you can sit, a lot of street art, and a different view of the streets of New York that was really fun to find and explore. So I walked until my ankle would start up and then I would sit and people watch, or lean out and look out at the city. it would have been better if it was sunnier and a tad warmer. But still, it was really nice and quiet.

On my way to lunch, I stopped by Books of Wonder, a children’s bookstore that sells rare and classic children’s books and lots of modern children and YA books. I couldn’t resist going inside to have a look to see if there was something New York specific that I could bring back for the bff’s baby. This place is so adorable, with a mixture of classic and new book art. They were setting up for either an author event or story time which I think is so cute that they do that! I have to look into this and see if there is something similar here for the bff’s son.img_20160313_123810479.jpg



img_20160313_123749213.jpgEven the merchandise were really cool with bookmarks as the price tag. They even had some signed copies of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books that I had to do everything in my power to not snatch them all up (though if I had the luggage space, I can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t have not bought them)!

I had so much planned for today, but I ended up having to cancel them because of my stupid foot. By the time I hobbled over to Peacefood Cafe, a vegan restaurant with really yummy meals, I was dying. So after lunch I waved down a taxi, went back to the hotel early, soaked my foot in the tub (it was heavenly), and then napped! By the evening, I was ready for Les Miserables!img_20160313_211756908.jpgI was so excited because I have been wanting to see this for so long and I still hadn’t seen the movie yet, it’s on my list of things to watch, but I heard that it was amazing. The musical came highly recommended by one of my friends who had seen it on Broadway. For some reason though, I thought I was watching Phantom of the Opera (the Les Mis print wasn’t up until they broke for intermission) so at first when they started, I was so confused because I had seen Phantom of the Opera and it wasn’t Phantom of the Opera. It until later (much later I’m embarrassed to admit) that I remembered that I was here for Les Mis.
Aside from my own stupid blunder, I loved it so much and the cast did such an amazing job, the singing was fantastic. It was so exciting and so sad. I sat in front of a bunch of high school girls and they had all been talking during the intermission that xyz was going to happen and that they were all going to be sobbing, then they were all sniffling and crying and I was sniffing and crying along with them. I heard the woman beside me stifle her laughter (at us I can only assume, because the deaths were sad and not at all amusing).
I really need to see the movie and I also want to read the book now just to see what differences there are. I don’t know how the book will fare though; I tried to read Wicked after I saw the musical last year and I got about halfway through it before I had to give up on the book. I tried reading Wicked several years ago and didn’t like it, then I thought since I loved the musical so much, I would be into reading the book, but no. I still couldn’t get into it for some reason.
After Les Mis, I was starving, so I went over to the Shake Shack for their ‘Shroom Burger and a chocolate frozen custard. Yum! If you haven’t had frozen custard before, I highly highly recommend that you change that. I can’t tell you why I love it so much, I just do. I just wish they had locations in Canada 😦

That’s it from my third day in NYC. More on my last day later! If you miss day one and two, you can read them here and here!

Thanks for reading about my tiny weekend adventures 🙂



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