Personal Update

The past few weeks have been absolute madness at work and I haven’t had a chance to do anything over here.

Our backup generator was broken and we needed to get it replaced. Which they did. Without checking the voltage. Because whoever was dealing with this stuff had a lapse in brain function. So everything at work went *poof* and died. Our computers, our security systems, heating systems, etc. all just gone with a snap of the finger.
On top of that, the reservation system that we use, the previous administration didn’t back it up and when we took it over, we never thought about it so it’s been a fun few days of starting over, manually adding every single piece of data back into our system. It’s just been one big hectic, stressful, nightmare.

But I did start part one of one of my New Year’s Resolution to finally get my tattoo. I did the consultation and I am going in mid April to get this done. I’m both really nervous and really excited about it.

So that’s my mini update! Hopefully things at work will settle and I’ll have some quiet time to start reading again 🙂


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