New York – My Last Day

My last day in New York was a rainy day which I actually didn’t mind. I love rainy days in New York, it’s a great day to lounge at a coffee shop and people watch. It would have been better if my ankle wasn’t dying and I could actually walk around.

I started the day off at the Discovery Times Square for the Star Wars and The Power of Costume exhibit.

It was really cool getting to see all the characters and all the different light sabers for each character. There was a lot of behind the “seams” information about all the work that went into creating the individual costumes and what they were trying to achieve with each look and inspirations for the costumes that was really interesting to read.
Then of course there was the villain, it was crazy to walk in to this room and suddenly be surrounded by stormtrooper heads and then having this larger than life Darth Vader just looming over you, breathing.img_20160314_111253486.jpg



The funnest part for me though was getting to see all the wardrobe for Queen Amidala, the costumes were absolutely breathtaking, they were so beautiful. The fabrics, the details that you got to see up close like that were insane.

I didn’t think I would really care for the costume exhibit, but it was actually really cool to go through all the costumes and reading about all the facts and what the actors thought about their costumes and how it helped them with getting into character. It was a pretty good way to spend a rainy morning in NYC.

The second part of my day consisted of waiting for the rain to slow down in Times Square so that I could get somewhere and then people watching outside of Starbucks. My original plan was to go to this chocolate bar that was sort of nearby for lunch and then I was going to sit at the New York library and read until my shuttle was supposed to pick me up early afternoon, but with my bad foot, there was no way I could walk all the way there and back. And just for the record, it is really hard to find a Starbucks in Times Square that has a seating area, which I get but sucked for me in that moment. I finally hobbled to a place that had outside seating where I sat until it got too cold and then I ended up just sitting in my hotel lobby for the remainder of my day.img_20160314_125551879.jpg

img_20160314_133459897.jpgI love NYC, it is my second home. But I have to admit that by the time I got to LaGuardia, I was more than ready to go back home! It was a fun weekend though, I got to do all the things I love to do in NYC and then added a few new things to the list. I cannot wait to go back!img_20160314_191526334_hdr.jpg

If you missed my first three days, you can read about them here, here, and here! Thanks for travelling with me 🙂 !


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